Belt Tensioner moving?

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  1. My friend has a 02 GT. I'm new to the 4.6's. But i have a 92 5.0 myself. The tensioner is moving back and forth, to the left and right. Is that common on these cars? I tightened down the bolt. It was snugged up real good.
  2. Is the stock belt in use?
    Does the car have a centri blower?
    Can you hear any apparent whine from the pulley itself?
  3. Yep, its the stock belt.

    No blower.

    No whine from that pulley, but there is a whine from the alternator pulley.
  4. Is it more like a pulse? It's somewhat normal for the tensioner to move. The belt is rubber after all and it stretches and retracts like a rubber belt should. This varies the belt lenght slightly and makes the tensioner move a little.

    Last time i looked under my hood, i beleive my tensioner wiggled around quite a bit. I'll look again tomorrow

    In and out movement is different.
  5. The tensioner on my 2002 GT sometimes moves back & forth. It's an intermittent thing that I've noticed. It has improved since installing Steeda pullies. Prior to replacing the pullies, the serpentine belt would actually run against the timing cove under heavy throttle. A new belt may remedy the problem.
  6. Its not an in-out movement. Its more of a left and right movement, where the upper part of the bracket moves.
  7. It doesn't sound normal to me if I'm understanding you correctly......may be time for a replacement !
  8. I'm a 5.0 guy but willing to take a stab at this. This may sound like a stupid question. And you prob know better. But did you tighten it before slipping the belt on, or while the belt was on? Tighten it before putting the belt back on.
  9. My 98 GT does it ... normal IMO.
  10. About every car I have the pleasure of working-on does it too.

    As everyone said, movement in the transverse plane (same plane as the tensioner pulley moves when you put a breaker on the pulley to remove the belt) is not uncommon. Longitudinal slop would be :notnice:

    You can remove the belt and spin accessories by hand to ensure nothing is obviously binding (as AIR pumps can do on 5.0's). Before reinstalling the belt, move real slow through the 'normal' range on the tensioner with your breaker and make sure the tension is pretty stable (no weak spots).

    Random thoughts.

    Good luck.
  11. Just looked under my hood with the engine running...

    Mine does this as well. In face you can see a faint rub mark where the belt rubs against the timing cover from time to time