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  1. I have a loud squealing when starting and it goes away after while. I think my belt might be too loose can someone tell me which marks I should go by? There are 2 lines on there. I attached a pic for reference. Thanks

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  2. How old is your tensioner? If they start going bad your vehicle's cooling efficacy in 5th gear will be diminished. Thus, you will experience engine temperature control issues if tensioner is failing. Also, your idler pulley bearing could be going bad, or your belt could be slightly oversized.

    Motorcraft tensioners are only about $30-40, and Motorcraft belts are only about $32. The idler pulley isn't much and can be found by Doorman products, or by going to the Ford site, looking up the part on a diagram, referencing the part number, then googling it for purchase.

    I hope this was helpful.
  3. Start it up and let it squeal for a few minutes. Then shut it off, and feel the front of each pulley to see which one is getting hot. If the belt feels tight, then it is probably one of the accesories that is causing it to squeal.

  4. Bam! Awesome Kurt.