Fuel Bent fuel rail...or normal?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by boostfrk, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. I got my car back together after swapping the lower intake, but upon firing it up the injector for #1 is leaking. I noticed when I was putting everything back together that it seemed like I was having trouble getting the #1 injector seated, both into the intake and the fuel rail, but I tend to be too cautious so I got it to a point where I thought it was OK and moved on...I guess I was wrong.

    So, there is a slight upward bend on the passenger side of the fuel rail, as seen in the below photo. It seems to me like this is causing the injector to not fully seat in the manifold and rail.

    Is this bend normal, or do I need to try and straighten the rail back out?

    I didn't notice this when I took everything apart, but then again I wasn't looking for it.

  2. My rails are good and straight, probably bent.
  3. Looks a little bent. See how the rail is not sitting square over the injector.
  4. I think so too. I wonder if I can bend it back by just grabbing and bending? It's not off that far, just enough to cause problems.
  5. Worse that can happen is it still leaks.
  6. wrap the rail in a rag and take two pipe wrenches and GENTLY pry the end of the rail back to straight with one wrench holding the rail with the other to avoid bending it the wrong way.
  7. I'll try this tomorrow, some sort of double wrench contraption. I just need to get enough leverage to bend it.
  8. You'll be surprised how easily that pipe will bend so be careful not to hog down on here to bad
  9. Really...thanks for the heads up. Last thing I need is to bend it too far back the other way, then straighten it again and have the damn line break.
  10. Just go little bits at a time
  11. Alright, so I think I got it. I had to bend the line down and towards the driver's side a little bit in order to get the injector to line up. I've got the rail and injectors installed, and I've gone through cycling the key 8-10 times and there aren't any leaks. Previously it was leaking where the injector seats into the rail and I don't see any leaks there anymore.

    I hate to put the upper intake back on and have it leak again, but by pressurizing the rail I've done the only test I know of to make sure it's together snugly enough.
  12. if there was an "o" ring involved anywhere on that part of the rail or the injector i would change it out. they never hold up once parts are installed incorrectly
  13. Good call. I pulled out all 4 injectors on 1 side of the rail so I might just buy a pack of 4 and replace all of the o-rings that seat into the rail.
  14. i dont know if there are fuel "friendly" o rings or they are all the same. make sure you check
  15. Make sure you put a little grease in there before you slide them in ... *cue the that's what she said comments*
  16. I got a set of 4 Felpro fuel injector o-rings from the local "parts warehouse". I replaced the upper o-ring (that seats into the rail) for the passenger side injectors since those were the ones I pulled out. I used a bit of Vaseline (trick I heard not too long ago) on the o-rings to help them slide in easier.

    Everything is back together now. I've turned the key off and on probably 20 times to keep pressurizing the fuel rail and so far no leaks.

    I needed to charge the battery a bit so I'll be starting it after lunch and checking again for leaks.