Bent Pinch Weld On The Bottom Of Rocker

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  1. I am installing torque boxes on my 65 fastback. The bottom of the rocker where the lower lip of the torque box fastens is bent outward. Does any one have any suggestions on how to bend this back in? I tried one or two hits with a hammer and it just bounced off! Would heating the metal with a heat gun and clampingvise grips on it to bend it back work? Thanks Bill
  2. I would clamp two pieces of angle iron as long as the bend on the in and outside of the bend, using two of the longest vise grips you have. Then push, what you need is leverage.
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  3. I usually use a large cressent wrench ,adjust it snug and go down the bent part a little at a time until you get it straight . The cressent wrench will not slip off .
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  4. Candphall and Jim,thanks for the advice. The crescent wrench did the trick. Real easy took a couple of minutes!
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