Bent Pushrods, Floating Valves?

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  1. bentrods.jpg
    So i pulled some bent push rods out of my engine, all of my exhaust valve pushrods are the ones bent.
    So my questions are; Are my exhaust valves floating?
    What else can cause bent Pushrods?
    Now i have the stock E7 heads with a B303 cam
    Thanks for the help!
  2. check for any binding in the valve train... IE coil bind
  3. If the valve springs arent binding at full lift. Youll need to remove the heads and check for piston to valve contact. Ive never seen a B303 have issues, but there is no telling what someone else may done when the cam was installed.
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  4. There is far more load on the exhaust pushrods than the intake pushrods and this is typically why you see exhaust pushrods bend first. It could be as simple as you over revved the motor, have the wrong pushrods (even though they look origional?) or you had some sort of mechanical failure to cause this. What were you doing when this happened?
  5. Pretty much getting onto the highway, and my balancer snapped off so while taking the engine apart i noticed all the exhaust pushrods were bent
  6. Balancer snapped off? You don't need to disassemble the motor for that. You mean the crankshaft broke? That's why you bent push rods. The end of the crank that has the chain was out of sync with the cam.
  7. clarify what ou mean by your balancer snappedoff. Pics please
  8. this is the balancer+pulley it literally snapped off the crank while i was driving

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  9. Pic of the backside of it ad the end of the crank please
  10. Damn... Did the bolt come out?
  11. Hello? Pic of the back of this.
  12. Don't ya think that was kind of important to mention in your first post? :bang:

    Post a pic of the back of the balancer and the crank snout or what's left of it.
  13. dude must be trying to recover from this
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  14. crank snout.jpg crank snout 2.jpg
    um i might have thrown away the the balancer, but i do know that the crank keyway is damaged the part of the balancer that fits on the crank has been broken in many pieces
  15. Explorer engine swap, here we come!!!
  16. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but you need to take this engine out of the car. The bent pushrods are the least of your worries at this time.
  17. Motor swap is in your future
  18. :confused:

    Just turn it into something positive, gt40 refreshined 302 set up??
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  19. Nicely broken block. You just purchased this car correct? Block broken, crank broken, cam and crank no longer in sync. He shoots, he scores.
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