Engine Bent Valves! Rebuilding. General Questions.

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  1. So my timing chain snapped and every single one of my valves got bent. I pulled both heads and rebuilt the valvetrain. I have AFR 185cc "Renegade" aluminum heads. I am using head gasket Felpro #1011-2. Should I use permatex on the head gasket or just install it clean? I know the torque spec is 100 ft/lbs and I got the sequence but it seems like the water jackets should be sealed with RTV. I'll probably have a few more questions as I go but for now that's what I need to know. Thanks all.
  2. Personally I would RTV the water jackets, that's me.
  3. Dry- and I would use the 9333 over the 1011 gaskets. Make sure to use moly lube on all the bolts and thread sealer on the ones that go into the water jackets.
  4. How difficult is it to set valve lash?
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  5. Wanna buy my gear drive?
    How many miles on that chain?

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  6. Brand new Comp Cams Double Roller Chain and Sprockets
  7. Same thing I got, yhy8a7yb.jpg

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  8. Anyone help with the valve lash setting?
  9. What exactly do you need help with?
  10. I got it all back together. I was having a hard time setting the valve lash but I got it done. I turned the motor by hand to check piston/valve clearance. Everything seems ok. Now I have no spark. The MSD box and the coil are both good. It has to be the TFI module or ECM.
  11. Search for @jrichker 's checklist for no spark and go through that before you throw parts at it.
  12. Are you sure the torque setting on the head bolts is 100 ft/lbs? I had a recent issue with this. The correct torque spec was actually 70 for my bolts. (ARP set: 1/2 inch heads, 7/16 bolt)
  13. Yes the torques setting is 70 ft/lb. The 351W is 100, the AFR guy was confused. It was the TFI module that was causing the no spark condition. The car is up and running but the rocker arms aren't tight enough and they are ticking pretty loud. I'm gonna adjust them today.