Best 12" Subwoofers?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by ASchaffer, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. I think that your JL 500/1 would work a lot better than the HiFonics...just my opinion
  2. hmmm... I can try that and see what happens. Thanks!
  3. Hifonics are decent. I wouldn't put one on a brahma tho....

    personally, id sell the jl 500/1 and get a 1000/1. Brahma and jl 1000/1 sounds VERY nice. and btw, if ur selling the 500/1 i could be interested...

    I've always had nice experiences with cadence, for some reason i think they have an amp with that power in that price range. I've also always like Orion amps.
  4. gah double post.
  5. I noticed nobody's mentioned it, but a few years ago while searching for a new system for my car, I was approached by a salesman about Concept Audio. Like most of us, I was critical, and I was going to stick to the big names. After 3500 dollars (Canadian) and a few hours of waiting, my 95 GT emerged as a competition winner and I've never been so happy. 3 years later, running a total of 10 speakers and 5 amps, all in place of old Mach460 setup, with a few extra subs, and a self amplified Sony head unit, I'm still making other cars loaded with more expensive subwoofers look pathetic at Audio shows. Inside the car I'm only throwing out 138 decibals, (in comparison, that matches my exhaust from 8 feet back in a parking car is uber loud), but that's more than enough to make a small street party, and yet I haven't yet even changed my alternator. Try Concept, you won't be disappointed.