best 351c build up for street

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  1. i have a '73 Mach 1 with the 351c 4v open chamber heads. I want to get some more power and speed from it my signiture shows what i have now. I have full length headers not installed tet, and could either put flat top pistons or put closed chamber heads a cam, etc.

    any suggestions?


  2. i have a solid roller, 4v heads, long tube headers with 3" exaust, edelbrock dual plane intake, and edelbrock 600cfm carb.

    I bought it like this, it doesn't pull hard until 4500rpm, and I think that it would rock with a different intake/carb
  3. first decide what rpm range you are going to run this engine about 85% of the time. a street/strip motor is different than a race motor, is different than a daily driver motor.
  4. Generally for the street, 2v heads are better, and much more responsive in the lower rpm range...
  5. Swap the factory cam for something better like a Comp Cams 268H. That would boost the dynamic compression to help the open chambered heads and should improve the bottom end. I'm not a fan of Edelbrock carbs, so I'd go with a bigger Holley like a 670 Street Avenger or list - 80783-- 650 cfm vac. secondary carb. Summit's cam part # SUM-K5200 would also work well. I used one in a stock 400M and it really woke it up. Same open chambered heads but with 2 bbl ports as your 351C.
  6. You could also put port plates in the exhaust side as well.
  7. For the street, get some Aussie heads (Closed Chamber, Small Ports) and a nice dual plane intake, a good cam, and good well tuned carb.

    The closed chambers have much less trouble with detonation, and the smaller ports will have good TQ.