Best 5.0 Manual Transmission?

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  1. Anything built for that kind of power is going to be pricey. Your best bet is going to be TK0600 with a 26/31 spline combo. It's going to be almost $3k with a clutch. A little more if you get a scattershield for it. It will break every so often, but so will just about anything you put behind that kind of power.

  2. I'll solicit my opinion for free. Street driving with a manual is fun. Most of my driving will be done on the street. I can let my track times suffer a bit to get the most out of driving my car.
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  3. I would have to say that if I had an auto that was working fine and could handle the power, it would be very hard for me to shell out $3k to get a manual.

  4. Agreed. Makes no sense unless the op has an extra 3k and wants a manual no matter what. :shrug: