Best Aftermarket Radio for 2006 Mustang GT

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  1. Hello all,

    First I did search and was unable to find what I was looking for. I am looking to replace my Shaker 500 stereo because not only has it been saying that I have some bad disks but yesterday halfway through a song on an original disk, decided it was bad and ejected the disk.

    1. Best aftermarket stereo, either single of double din, not DVD or Nav (ain't got no dough, gots to pay for gas) that hooks up to IPod

    2. And do I have to hook up factory amp or can I bypass it with wiring harness?

    Thanks in advance for any input.
  2. Alpines are great. Pioneer also has a great unit with navigation build in. I can't answer the amp question but it's no problem hooking it up.
  3. i know you said not dvd nav but you can get this for under $1000. and you can hook up ur ipod video to it.
    pioneer avic-d3 ebay and stuff you can get it around $700. im saving up for it.
  4. heres is mine its the alpine cda 998 i think has an ipod hookup and HD 1001007kl8.jpg

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  5. You listen to "The End". hahhahaha.... :)

    j/k Carry On Gentlemen....
  6. i have the Alpine CDA-9815, if your looking for a cheap cd that is really good i would go with that one, or the 9813. the only reason it is cheap is because it is an older model, but it is one my all time fav. cd players. and for 175-200 dollors it cant beat it. you will have to find one on ebay though
  7. You can get a new model Alpine that has ipod controls, satellite and lots of other features for less than $300. Ford's Shaker 500 is $700 or more, if I remember correctly and of course has no ipod controls. Check out Alpine's web site, or Pioneer's web site. I've had several Alpines. They all sound great and work fine.
    I've been accused of being an Alpine salesman. I am not. Just had good experience with their products.
  8. Can't go wrong with Alpine or Pioneer. Dual has a new double din unit with iPod add-on for about $699 that does pretty much everything. I know one person that has it and they like it. I've been contemplating it.
  9. dont ever buy Dual.

    Quality would be Alpine,Eclipse,Pioneer, and some higher end sony's and panasonic.
  10. I don't know about head units, but I just got an 08 fusion that has satalite radio and I'm in love. I have to have it for my GT, I hope I can get it from ford so I can keep my stock head unit, I have fat fingures and love the big buttons ha ha.
  11. Pioneer avic-d3.. :drool:

    I so don't want to spend $700 for it but..

    DVD, nav, ipod, xm, touchscreen.. mmmm...:hail2:
  12. Avic D3 is what I want. But I just can't justify the price. There's so much other stuff I want. All I ever do is listen to my iPod. I just want something I can hook up my iPod to and is double din. It's hard to find something under $700 that's double din and has iPod hookup.
  13. Alpine IVA-W205, you can get them from ebay for around $650 shipped, brand new with mfg warranty. I had the W200 in my 06' F150, loved it, no problems whats so ever. Very expandable, all you'll need is the iPod cable and some places give you that for free.


  14. Stangboy and others,

    Thanks for the responses and the pictures! I've managed to not buy something over the weekend so I'm going to see if I can budget for a touchscreen.

    Thanks again
  15. Stangboy 999. What are the switches, etc. in your console? How did you do all of that including the faceplate?
  16. I like the looks of that panel. I have an idea for something else to mount in it. I gather the company will do some custom work. Something to think about. What holds the panel in the cupholders? You could just use velcro, I suppose.
  17. I just took the plunge and ordered the AVIC-D3.. :D

    Got it on eBay for $708 shipped, no tax!!!

    Also got the bluetooth, b/u camera, and xm tuner.. I will let everyone know how the install goes.