Best Blower pulley???

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by EvilEyez, Feb 4, 2004.

  1. "I've yet to see 500+RWHP with the STOCK unported Eaton and NO JUICE!"

    My mods with the addition of a 2 lb lower and another superchips tune made 510 HP at the tire on JDM's Dynojet...
    What would that be on the superflow? Prolly 480 at the tire...that's the difference.

    If I decide to add the 2 LB lower and heat exchanger I'll be sure to test it, document it and post unbiased data.
    I'm pretty biased about dynos, but... truth be told... I don't BS on information.

  2. A lot of variables can be involved at the track, like R/T, 60' time, etc......, even with the same power on "paper". Same is true on a dyno, although it is a more controled environment for comparison reasons. A "Mustang Dyno" will show #'s lower than that of a dynojet, similar to the dyno that you use. You might be close to 500rwhp with your mods on a dynojet, it would not surprise me a bit. But to compare "real" #'s, you would have to get on a dynojet, or us on a superflow.

  3. That's all fine and dandy there Vic.... but I've yet to see myself or EvilEyez compare our Dynojet numbers to someones Mustang or SuperFlow numbers! You're preachin' to the choir man! If you really want everyone to oooohhh and aaahhh over your car, your mods, or your tuning abilities you will need to get it on a DYNOJET so we have something to compare. Your SuperFlow numbers look low for your mods because everyone is used to inflated Dynojet numbers.

    I still believe your car, with those mods (even if you add the 2lb lower) will not make 500+RWHP (SAE) on a dynojet on pump gas. I won't accept the Superflow built-in Dynojet conversion factor either. I've been following a LOT of the efforts by other Cobra owners to attain that illusive "500RWHP" level with the unported Eaton. 99% of them have been unable to pull it off without having to resort to porting for better flow, or lots of timing advance , or a lean A/F & race gas. I don't care who does the tune either... you can only add so much fuel and timing at WOT....

    I'm not saying that YOU or your tuning is the problem here Vic....I'm saying the stock, unported Eaton is not able to produce those numbers.


    P.S. Where are those inflated Dynojet numbers at Evileyez!?
  4. It can be done. It's not just about fuel and timing.
    Once you've hit your fuel and timing target, there are several "switches" in the eec that most tuning companies don't have access to that make some noticeable global changes in power output while maintaining the targeted air/fuel and timing #'s. Of course I'm not going to blurt out these changes, but they do work.

    I do believe that the best way to do it with the stock blower is to port the stock blower, but it can be done with with the correct pulley setup and tune.

    My car with it's current setup made over 20 less HP (on the superflow) with a competing file...

    I know you guys aren't stupid and you know a dyno is for comparison, etc...etc...
    I was just doing a little ballbreaking.....
    ok, more than a LITTLE ballbreaking =o)

    Lighten up a little, eh?
    That's the problem with typing....sarcasm can be taken as something else at times.
    If this was discussed in person it would have been a closed issue =oP

    I'll even pull my sig out of this reply, ok? =o)
  5. I don't have any dyno #'s yet, but my car is red, so you know it's faster :D .

  6. Well, I've posted 43534524334 times in this thread, why not one more?

    I haven't ben to Maine in grandfather owned on cottage on Sebago Lake for 30+ years. I shudder to think what it would be worth now...

    Anyways....if you get a chance. Do a compare.
    I challenge anyone with a modded 03 cobra to compare differnt chips/tuners at the track and on the dyno. I'm not talking just Superchips and Diablo.....anyone.
    SCT, Hypertech, etc.

    I'd like to see what kind of data/thoughts/questions you guys come up with.
    Does anyone have access to several tuning products?

    ...maybe some friends with identical mods could swap chips and compare #'s, swap back and do it again. I've done some of this to a degree but I'd like to see what you guys come up with. I'm typing this my friend called and said "lets go to the track".

    I'm heading to bithlo now....will post #'s later.
  7. I think Badstang00 is right, Red Mustangs are Hella fast. [email protected]%k the Dyno. Well Vic, I dynoed my stang yesterday, not what I expected but I did break 400 HorsePower. 409Rwhp to Be exact and 390 rwtq. I tried a different Dyno Shop, so now I'm under the impression that you can get different numbers on the same type of dyno. I'm gonna go back to the first shop where I got my cobra based lined and see how the numbers stack up. The only true way to settle this debate is on the track, who has the better setup and who can get it down the track. Meat man, what do you think? How 'bout you Vic? I'm sure Badstang00 would be down. I'm planning to go down to Houston for the Ford Fun Weekend In March....I think that's when it is. How 'bout it guys.
  8. Houston?
    I ain't drivin to Texas =oP

    You impression on different numbers on same type of dyno is correct.

    Show me 20 dynos and I'll give you 20 different power outputs...nature of the beast (and some people don't calibrate correcty) The dynojet at Lamotta is actually pretty accurate (go figure).

    Anyways....I went to the track tonight for the firt time with mods.
    I blew the first two runs (wheelhop, grannyshifting)and I'm not exuberantly happy with the 3rd.

    1st run:
    [email protected] (2.9 sec 60'....LOL)
    I got a little hasty and the INSTANT it started to hop I let off, waited, then resumed slowly. I ain't breaking no 1/2 shaft =o)

    2nd run:
    ...stil feelin the mods out at the track
    Same thing....****ty 60', MPH'd at 116.21 this time
    et is so embarassing I won't post it...ok I will...(13.443)

    3rd run...ok, but I can do better
    [email protected] MPH
    60' was 2.234....argh!
    r/t 527
    (I'm not posting r/t for the first two runs, so don't ask =o)

    I'm gonna have to relearn the car at the track.
    I had a tendency to want to step on it as if it were stock once I had "traction".
    Muscle memory can be your friend and your enemy.

    I know the car is capable of 11.60 @ 122-123...and I'l be sure to post the time slip when I'm capable of DRIVING it that way =o)
    Nonetheless....the car is making gobs of power =o)
    I think I'm gonna get that hard launch kit just to give me a little more peace of mind on the whole wheelhop thing.
    I'm generally very cool at the track, but I kept sweating bullets worrying about those 1/2 shafts....not a good feeling.
  9. I have'nt hit the track yet cause the nearest one is in San Antonio. Hour and a half drive. But I'll post the numbers asap. Sorry about your Crappy runs. Better luck next time.
  10. Wouldn't be much of a race between me & Vic. He's got more than a couple more horses than I do. Now if he lined up next to me and pulled off a 13+ second ET like he did last night I would have murdered him! LOL! His last run though has my best run beat by 7 tenths!

    EvilEyez - Pick one dyno close to you and stick with it. That's what I did. At least the numbers will be more consistant this way. Your using the dyno as a tool, a tuning aid to see if your mods are making more power, to see if your A/F is still safe. You need to keep the variables as low as possible and by comparing the numbers from one dynojet on one day and a different dynojet on another makes it difficult, if not impossible. Like Vic said in another post, the operator of one dyno may place the temp sensor in a different location which can result in higher or lower numbers.

  11. I agree with Uncle Meat, pick a dyno and stay with it. That keeps the dyno as the constant and your mods as the variables to give you a better idea of how your car is responding. Up here in Maine, I don't have a lot of options as far as "tuners" go. We have a handfull of dynos, but the last time I dynoed my car, it was NOT a dynojet. I had a 2000 GT at the time, and put down 255 rwhp and 295 rwtq N/A. The whole reason I went there was to get a baseline of what all my bolt ons did for my car, and of course compare my car to all my friends #'s who got dynoed at the same time. My big problem was that I also had a nitrous setup on that car, and when I ran the nitrous, the owner of the shop had NO IDEA how to tune my vehicle. I am going to have to find someone else for my Cobra. That probably means going out of state, but I will have to live with it. Does not matter what kind of dyno it is to me, as long as I get my money's worth in information and tuning.

    Back to the original question, I would say go for the RR Ultragrip. After a lot of research, this is the one that I found most highly recomended, therefore it is the one I chose for myself. EvilEyez, I would love to go to Houston, but $hit man, I live in Maine!!! No way could I make it. And thanks for agreeing with me, red is the fastest!!! :p

  12. Maine

    Maine??? Is that in Canada??? :p For Some Reason I thought you guys were down south. Oh well, it was worth a try. I do plan on going back to the first dyno shop where I got my baseline, I like the way they did things, real pros. :nice: I'll post my numbers asap. About the pulley, It's down to Reichard Racing or Motoblue, they're both grip stye pullies. I'll figure something out. :shrug:
    Maine.........It sucks to be you guys, cold as hell huh? :p It makes for some good dyno numbers. Meat man, maybe that's why Vic is getting such good dyno numbers........all that winter air??? :p Cold air makes tons of power. What do you think Vic? :D Keep warm guys, Badstang00 watch out for those canadian Moose when flying down the freeway :nice: Later......

  13. I could be in Canada in about an hour and a half no problem. A freakin' moose is something that you would NOT want to hit, they just f%@& $hit up!!! My car has been in a garage since late October, so I can't really tell you the benefits of all this cold air. It's not really too bad right now though, probably in the 20's or 30's. CYA :nice:


  14. I'm in Alabama and Vic is in Florida. Most dyno's compensate for the ambiant air temperature so there SHOULDN'T be ANY difference in the numbers because of temperature. That's also why many people ask if the numbers are "SAE" or "STD". I'm sure Vic can explain it better than I can.

  15. Vic, I was just looking at where you are at location wise. Where is this dyno? I am going to be passing through there on my way to Sarasota tomorrow. How about we put the 04 on the rollers and see what kind of power its making.

    I would like to meet you and pick your brain about some mods.

    So just let me know where this dyno is and maybe a contact number so I can call and setup an appointment.

  16. Vic I think I already figured it out:

    KDK performance? If thats where you go, it looks like its only roughly 5-6 miles from winter springs. Anywho, I called them and they are going to see about getting me in there tomorrow on my way through.

    Why don't you shoot me a PM and we can work out the details.