SN95 Best Cam For My Setup

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  1. Hi everyone,
    This winter I am building my 5.0 a little bit. and I want to know what the best cam is for the setup I am going to be running.
    I am going to be using:
    Trick flow top end kit( track heat)-twisted wedge 170, 1.6:1 rockers
    stock bottom end ( balanced and refreshed)
    75mm throttle body
    30# injectors
    255lph fuel pump
    90(?)mm MAF
    .030" over

    not sure if the deck was ever re milled.

    The cam I have seen recommended is comp cams XE276HR. it seems pretty good but it would be nice to know if there is something better out there and what type of ptv clearance I would have.

    I know the kit comes with the stage1 cam. but.. I feel like I am leaving power on the table with that cam. the car is a daily driver and I don't want to have to cut deeper reliefs in the pistons. any help would be appreciated. and also any guesses at power at the wheels.

  2. The Trick Flow top end kit comes with a cam, a trick flow 1. Not sure it would be the best, but I'm sure it would be close enough.

  3. You will have PTV issues with anything bigger than the TF1 cam.
  4. Are you looking at the 114 or 112 LSA cam. I looked at that cam too and thought it was a little too much cam- Have you looked at the 270? The 112 LSA version will give you a little more lopey idle but again PTV clearance needs to be checked.
  5. with the 270 cam with the 1.6:1 rockers that come in the top end kit it would have .512"lift.
    with the 276 cam it would be the same lift but 6* more duration on in. and ex.
    I guess that I don't see why I would have clearance issues.. but this is the first time I have done this.
    6* is a total of .049" piston travel
  6. and also both cams are open at tdc. I understand that because of the different durations the valve will be open different amounts but I feel like that would be almost an irrelevant amount
  7. actually i believe the too close ptv is .536 lift, then valve reliefs are needed, but you should STILL always check the ptv limit.
  8. negative sir. The tfs heads are not an inline valve head = more room. A stage 2 tfs advanced a little will still clear no prob.
  9. Looked right over that, my fault :nonono:
  10. look at the anderson cams. n41 would run great with that setup. i may be a little bias though.
  11. so is it safe to say the XE276HR will fit? more or less