Best Cams For Supercharger/procharger?

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What cams are you running?

  1. FRPP Hot rod cams

  2. Comp Thumpr cams

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  3. Comp NSR cams

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  4. Detroit Rocker cams

  5. Crane cams

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  6. Other

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  1. I just hit 18K on my 07 mustang so I think its time to start with some bolt ons. I plan on running a forced induction setup in the future but i wanted to get cams real soon. My question is what cams are the best for power and will work well with a supercharged setup. Id prefer not to change the springs as im on a pretty tight budget. Thank you for all responses in advance
  2. Personally I'd save for the supercharger and put it in with the stock cams. Then when your ready to dig into the motor do cams, springs, etc..

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  3. +1 for what Rick said. Save your money for the blower. Cams don't give you a whole lot of power and it's a pricey mod. That's probably around $1500 for parts and a shop install that would be better spent on a nice blower setup.
  4. Well I appreciate the advice. Ive always wanted to run a whipple but thats a bit pricey. Id imagine with tune and other supporting parts it would cost around 8 grand, thats a bit much for me right now :notnice:
  5. You can get the FRPP Whipple kit for 6340 if you pay cash/money order or 6440 with CC. The kit comes with all the supporting parts you would need except for mid 08 they switched spark plugs $90 and I had to buy some gaskets they were supposed to be included in the kit but were not. The only other thing you'd need is coolant. It comes with a PROCAL tune from Ford that is pretty conservative but gets the job done. That is what I was running on my car when it put down the numbers in my Sig. If you are having a shop install it you're looking at 1k+ most likely.
  6. I do love the sound of a well cam'd 4.6, but there's no substitute for boost. Save your cash and go FI.
  7. I have to go with the above, I saved and held off until I put on the blower
    A nice set of cams really does sound awesome...
  8. Detroit Rocker is definitely the way to go. They're good for about 20-30 rwhp on a blower, don't require springs, allow you to retain the full 60° of camshaft timing for better torque and driveability, and sound great. Rent a timing chain wedge and you can install them in your garage in under two hours with hand tools and a bottle of lube for under $900. If you need a tuner, Brenspeed sells an SCT X3 with a custom tune for $380.