Best car cover i've evere had ~pics~

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  1. Got it as a present yesterday for my b-day. It's made perfect for my car, the elastic makes it fit really snug so it doesn't flap in the wind and the material gave up trying to scratch it. Plus it's made for sun rain and all moistures. Kinda a tent like material. Also it comes w/ a antenna hole so u can leave ur on, i love it.

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  2. :nice:

    what brand?
  3. Which style car cover did u get...the all weather one??
  4. yeah the all weather storm proof one
  5. I wish mine came with an antennae hole. I got the Mach 1 car cover and sliced a hole where my antennae would pop out. I hated doing that but I'm not gonna play antennae games putting it on and off when I cover it.
  6. No it didn't come with the hole punched out just the plastic circles that reinforce the hole, just had to cut a little hole in the middle of the circle where it goes
  7. That looks like a nice cover.
  8. nice cover but you should post pics of your stang dont think i have ever seen it:nice:
  9. +1

    yaaa man thats the same cover i have... only in gray instead of red. it fits so snug on the car :nice:
  10. I have a gray one from Budge, I've used it once bc I don't know where I put it :( Looks like a nice cover though man!
  11. Just go to my garage and look i have some crappy qualilty pics but they still do the job. Ill take some new ones soon.
  12. I really want to get a cover for my car 'cuz I no longer have a garage to put it in (not gonna shell out $60 per month for a garage). Only thing is I'm afraid that the cover will just attract the wrong kind of attention to my car. I have to park in a kind of large apartment complex lot and I worry that a$$holes will target it more because of the cover.

    Like "ohhh, who does this dude think he is with a car cover. Thinks his rustang is the **** - man my honda will smoke this junker. Lets f*** his ride up."

    What do you guys think?
  13. Can come with optional locking system :nice: , in a lot of casses id attract that sort of attention parked anyway - "side exhaust? Chrome wheels?, my exhaust only partially melted my body kit and my V-Tec is way better" + slashed tires on passenger side. Has happened.

  14. I think you need to move.
  15. i bought one from california car covers for lots of $$$ and then about 6 months later i went on the power tour and ate lunch at the cover craft factory and after seeing that they have the same cover for cheaper i felt stupid but this cover is still in good shape except the place where the licence plat cut it, it has held up well but it has been inside the garage the whole time i dont know how it would hold up outside. i like the red on yours