Best Cast Iron Heads

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  1. with that time frame, this is just me talking, focus on collecting top end bits and then order a 331/347 rotating assembly. No reason not to have the best of both worlds. Dont tell the woman, but I am already hoarding parts for a stroker build.
  2. Awesome hahahahaha, they do shoes so why not Performance Parts for us!!! :burnout:
  3. Duration and Lobe sep are gonna play more of a roll then lift will ...

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  4. Are you for the xe264hr-12 with that?? any changes to that,
  5. I am by no means a cam guru but for a nice street motor that's a decent cam I have asked myself about that cam as well as the xe270 the better guy to ask would me Rick from RNH on here he is super knowledgable !

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  8. Alright it's Official I'm gonna try this build for my DD and make it my street torque MONSTER!!!! :banana:

    I've got 59cc "P" heads milled .030 so I'm around 54-55cc right now correct??
    Is the formula .006 for every 1cc?? .030/.06= 5cc and 59cc-5cc=54cc??
    Just need to find the right 331 pistons to raise it slightly, if I don't the compression would be too much for pump gas correct??

    Although they did do this:
    "Our brand-new Ford Racing Sportsman-block needed machine work to be ready for service. The decks were .017 inch out of true, which means they ran downhill on both sides by .017 inch, unacceptable by anyone's standards. The decks were milled and brought into specification."

    Maybe I'm good??
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  9. 367 HP from a 331 that they quoted $12,500 to build?

    Don't mean to burst your bubble, but...

  10. ^^^^ You need VISION :jester: and don't leave out the 400lbs of torque :rolleyes:

    They had a super block and forged EVERYTHING and labor to the builders was inflated I'm sure.

    1. 331 cast rotating assembly = $900-1200 EBAY
    2. Used seasoned 302 block = $150-200
    3. $1500 mechanic for the install
    4. $200-$400 to machine block or balance rotating assembly (depending on what I can find) craigslist check coming
    5. Cam $300
    6. Injectors/Mass air meter can find used or ebay, craigslist
    7. New gaskets, timing chain cover and can pretty much swap over everything else if I need to get stingy.

    I have the heads close to those specs already and a matching intake for the heads, keeping the pedestals probably. Slightly smaller valves so the torque numbers will be higher but I'm ok with that :nice::nice::nice:

    Roughly 3,500-$3,750 .......WAY under $12,500, around a 1/3 less to be more accurate.
    No bubble busted here THAT can happen!!!!:flag:
    Soon to come expenses tranny, sub frames, trq box :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:

    ***but if I have $12,500 are you saying I could not spend it??
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  11. I'm with you Buddy on that one....for $12,500 you can have so so much more

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  12. Again, this is a DD and I'm not looking for the race track horse power.

    And I'm not spending $12,500, .......really I'm not :nonono:
  13. My old 8.8:1 stock bottom end 302 with the holley systemax kit, AFM n61 can went [email protected] more gear and I think would have went .40s.


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  14. 222/230 on a 110/112 LSA????? ....with a .512 lift and 4.10 gears is not my DD.

    I like the 3.55 gears for my 5spd DD.

    Rode in my buddies Xcam 226/226 and .544 lift and at idle shook me all the way to Peru.
    Maybe he had solid motor mounts need to ask

    xe264hr-12 = 212/218 112LSA with .544 lift

    my Ecam is at 220/220 110LSA .498 .....duration is similar and so should the idle with slight shaking.
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  15. .544/.568 228/232 110 3:73 t5 actually was a really good driver call it a lot of fun

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  16. The forum I looked at had bad info, should have looked at a seller. Believe that's a good short trip driver however. That duration on a 110 HOLY Kitten crap Batman :rlaugh: even worse than I originally thought for my DD.

    However, believe I have to use the 1.7 rollers for the 264 cam.
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  17. Lol...I really wanted 4:30s but with a 175 shot it went [email protected] 138mph and 3:73 was perfect. Made 540rwhp/742rwtq on bottle mustang dyno

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  18. Hell yeah ......that's super NICE!!!! That shows your skills, great build friend :nice:
  19. I'm gonna call my DD build "331 - Super Street Torque Machine" :cool:

    It's so different than what anyone would normally do for HP's :lol:
  20. Take a look at my signature. 331, ported gt40 irons, n41 cam. Weighs 3390 with me in it, ran 107.77 last outing. That's roughly 305rwhp.

    I built my 331 because my bottom end was shot, and the cost of 331 vs 306 were only a few hundred different. I am currently working on an aluminum headed top end for the motor, I stuck with gt40's because I couldn't afford anything else. I put $700 in my block and heads at the machine shop. I did EVERYTHING else myself. Total, I spent a little north of 2k with my build. Was it ideal? No, but it runs great. I do agree that Nik got great results from his build, no doubt his method works. If your motors not shot, you can always go that route.

    Where I think you are going to have a problem; compression. I have 62cc chambers, and 4cc flat tops. Compression is a little north of 10:1. I think you will have way too much for iron heads, something around 11:1.