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  1. My Ecam makes 319rwtrq with my ported P heads. .....An Ecam, has better trq (considerable more) than any AFR 165cc Ecam combo I've seen and darn close with wilder cams. They flow just fine, just think of this build as with smaller aluminum heads :D
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  2. Baaaaaa says the sheep. keep drinking the coolaid.
    I dare you to find a single straight line on your Fox body anyplace. Evidently, it's not only my opinion in this case, or haven't you been paying attention to the American Auto Industry these last 40-years? Only in the last handful fo years has North America been taking back it's share of the market. Coincidentally, right around the same time most of the labour was shipped off to Mexico? We've all heard the plights of the drunken, disgruntled and in many cases incompetent workers of the UAW. Heck, I used to know a few of them and the stories I used to hear on what would constitute a daily occurrence would make your head spin. Say what you will about overseas manufacturers....but their work ethic puts our lazy, overpaid North American asses to shame.
    Don't get too wrapped up in dyno numbers. I've seen some pretty "confidence inspiring" figures quoted from people that have had their cars tuned at shops where the operator knows how to ensure a customer leaves satisfied....whether the car has made any additional power or not. A Dyno should be utilized as a tuning aid, and little else. Let your SOTP meter and track times do the talking for you.
  3. peak dyno numbers mean squat. track times and real world driving conditions are where its at. Desktop racing is fine and dandy but engine math and the ability to drivers/cars ability to translate those numbers into above average time slips(if thats the goal of this exercise) is the true test of the car and its driver. Hell fox guys have been putting cars deep into the 12's without even touching the engine. That being said if your current combo is pancaking similar aluminum headed builds why mess with success? Have I seen better numbers out of a gt40 c0mb0? Sure, but they werent your average JY HCI builds. Yours is a cut above. Lets play devils advocate for a minute. Your build is just shy of 300hp. PRocharger with a conservative tune will put you right at block splitting numbers and your cam loves the boost.
    Why the hard on for a stroked out bottom end? I just dont see the logic here. You want to fix what isnt broken.
  4. If you can't look at two like products (one made in the U.S. and one made in China) and find a difference in quality (in materials and manufacture in most cases) then having this discussion is pointless. Just keeping shopping ebay-taiwan for all your aftermarket needs. :nice:

    I think the cool-aid you speak of is the same bitter canadian (we don't matter) variety that you ALL drink when it comes to matters concerning the U.S. and industry. :D
  5. How did we get on the topic of a stroker in a cylinder head

    While I like selling parts if your bottom end is in good shape wait till you NEED a bottom end

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  6. Meh...sure, as far as some stuff goes. My point is...."Made in America" doesn't guarantee you the quality that most vendors with a vested interest in selling the product would have you believe it does. It's a great tool to sell stuff to those hardcore zealots who can't see past their patriotism....but ultimately, the term "Made in America/USA" has become more of a clever marketing ploy, than a standard of manufacturing at this point.

    Guess you missed the part where I advised "against" buying the EBay stuff, huh?

    My point your research on the product. A person is just as foolish blindly buying that item stamped "Made in America" as they are buying the shiny cheap one sold overseas because the price is right.
    Awww, how quaint (and typical) I say North America and you automatically assume that only means "The United States of...". Thanks for keeping that "Ummmaricun" stereotype alive man. Step outside that bubble of yours every once and a while. You'd be surprised to know that NORTH America is a pretty big place. It doesn't just consist of Canada's basement. :canada:
    Isn't this the way all of these threads turn out? ;)
  7. I don't want a whinning super charger, but I've always wanted a stroker motor. But no doubt right now, my combo is extremely fun on the street. I really do wonder what that xe264hr-12 would put down on mine with 1.7 rollers?? With my Ecam I'm not even into .500 lift yet, with .498. Believe the xe264 has .544 lift with the 1.7's. My dyno and chip tune was done by Brad Brand at Atlanta Chassis Dyno and he was shocked as well. He thought they flowed darn near close to the AFR 185cc's he had. But his turbo mustang is all over youtube in all the curcuit racing he does. But needless to say I'm real confident with his dyno and tune capabilities, he has to be spot on with his stuff so I know it's accurate. I wish I had funds to support a track car, that would be awesome. Just can't do that in my DD right now :(
  8. Thread jacked my own thread:rlaugh:......cast iron on a stroker!!!

    I'm approaching 200,000 miles :shrug:
    In no rush but getting nervous.

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  10. :fight::scratch:Boy this thread sure got side tracked. OP when you're ready build the stroker and use the gt40s. You can always upgrade the heads later and add a power adder if/when you want IMO. I think it'll be a fun build. You may be happy as is with the gt40s and not change it but we all know how that goes;). Keep us posted with your results GLWB