Best Cleveland style heads?

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  1. What they were doing was trying to buy their way into the luxury car market. They lost more than $10 billion on please...tell me exactly WHAT they got for their money that will ever be worth that kind of money?

    And it was someone else who started the Chevy comparison.
  2. What does all of this have to do with Chebby's supposed superiority of everything? Nothing of course.
    It's funny, BrianJ5600 shows that Chebby's superiority really isn't and wasn't, so what do you do? Change the subject.
    Somewhere there is a Chevy forum calling your name Mike, answer the call.
  3. :rlaugh: This is his best quote:lol: Just what exactly is a "Foor" ? :scratch: And how does it leak? What does it leak? :shrug:
  4. You go first: how can you claim the canted splayed valve head was a Chevy original when Plymouth introduced the "polysphere" motor in 1955 (as was already pointed out to you)?


    Also already pointed out, Chevy's own '58 and up "W" motor, with the weird in-the-block combustion chamber, had splayed (but not canted) valves:

    As far as opposed i/e valve arrangements go, the Peugeot Grand Prix team had 'em in 1913, in a 16 valve 7.4 liter dohc four:


    Louis Chevrolet himself had plans to copy this design, after seeing the Peugeot cars at Indy, before William Durant, the founder of GM, forced Chevrolet out of his own company.

    I'll say it again, nothing new under the sun.
  5. Sorry to dig up a post from the past. I was researching Cleveland heads when I came across this statement. It's a bit ironic reading it in 2010 when the (nearly immediate) history that followed the statement... well, you all know what happened.

    The funny thing is that I bought $1,000's of Ford stock just a few months after this statement. Made an utter, absolute, shameless killing.

    I came really close to buying GM stock. Really REALLY glad I didn't.