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  1. I'm looking to get a cold air intake system for my 2006 GT. I'm wondering what experiences people have had with them and who they recommend. I'm always hearing K&N but I want to make sure. My car's stock as far as mechanicals are concerned. Also the system does include an air filter because I was debating on that too. Thanks.
  2. There are many choices. I'd like the Demolet Tunable induction system (only $200+ tuner if needed). MM&FF did a test in the latest mag and they found the WMS did best on the track due to it drawing colder air than the other types. Lot's of opinions in this Forum!
  3. Just today I installed the C&L CIA with SCT XCal2 custom Brenspeed tune from

    I could not believe the difference compared to stock. I can't recommend anything else, it's worth every penny.
  4. search the forums there is a lot of information on this site and lots of people that are willing to help. I have the C&L intake with an SCT tune from Lamotta performance. I love it. There are other kits out there, if I didn't have the C&L. I would most likely get the western intake or the JLT. Definitly get the xcal over the predator though.
  5. CAI

    I have the K&N Aircharger. Works well without a tune. No CELs.
  6. Anyone you happen to come across has a different opinion as to what the best CAI is ?? so It all depends on what your particular preferences are..If your more into bling or durability ?? some choose the C&L or the Steeda/FRPP CAI.. if on the other hand you happen to be on a tight budget but still expect good performance and quality ?? then most choose either the JLT true cold air CAI, or the Demolet Tunable Induction and for those who don't want the hassles of re-flashing their computer ?? there's the K&N aircharger, the Granatelli CAI w/recalibrated MAF sensor and others from which to select from..There's quite a variety of CAI systems to select from and their all very good systems but in the end, it all depends on what features are most important to you and once again, what your personal preference happens to be ?? Anyway, hope you find some of this as helpful..:SNSign:
  7. just stay away from the ebay specials and you will be fine. stick to a name brand, like the ones mentioned here already.
  8. I agree with bigcat, WMS here and never looked back.
  9. i have the (k&n airaid)........until my blower arrives. the k&n is a good intake if you do not want to get a check engine lights and a noticable increase in throttle response and maybe a couple extra ponies.
  10. Which C&L did you end up going with? That's what I'm cosidering and I'm going with Brenspeed as well.


  11. I was thinking the K&N simply because I haven't heard anything bad about them and I read it's like a 20 hp boost and I'm not really at a point where I can tune the car yet.... plus I don't wanna mess too much with the mechanicals for warranty reasons.
  12. yeah but they only tested 2 other systems which did not include the JLT system...
  13. I took the opposite route. I figured that a custom tune by itself would be a lot less conspicuous than a cold air intake, particularly given the ease with which I could "undo" it when it came time to take the car in for service or warranty work.
  14. I put a replacement filter in my 06 GT from S&B. They had the best price and it looks just like a K&N for only $31.00. I am very pleased with the performance and the service from S&B.
    I had used K&N filters before in my 04 Dodge Dakota and my 97 GT. The S&B performs just as well.

    I also considered the type of cold air system that fits under the hood. I read that these just suck in the hot air from the engine and do little for performance. They look really cool but their not worth the money.:notnice:
    I'd rather spend my money on a good exhaust system. :nice:

    This is their web address, check them out.
    Phone: 909-947-0015
  15. well if you consider 20+ RWHP "little" for performance...
  16. Well there are several here that might disagree. Several systems out ther ethat easily put out more the 20 ponies. Depending on what you want to pay for hp put most average I would guess between $10-$20 for each extra hp you get. From what I have read you can not get the same hp/cost range from the exhaust although they do sound good. But I think we are talking more about performance than sound.
  17. For the point of argument, I'll bet I'm making as much RWHP as you are with my cheepo S&B filter. :D

    After all I'm pulling colder air from the fender well than you are from under the engine compartment. :nice:
  18. Yes, but you are pulling much less air.
  19. it sure would be nice to know who you were directing that toward .... :shrug:

  20. dont forget that i am using a much bigger Mass Air Meter than the stocker.... :D