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  1. I don't know either ?? I haven't heard anything as of yet about a plug n play adapter for the MAF harness, and would still like to know how all this ram air is getting to the intake ?? by going through the upper grill and then through the A/C and radiator ??:shrug:
  2. This is part ot the previous emails that she sent back to me mid August.

    Shannon says:
    No pictures with hood down as you can't see anything, air is taken in
    between hood and grill and through the grill. The ram air box has
    three large openings where the air travels up into the box.

    I am sure most have seen this picture already but since we are on the subject. It looks like the three openings are behind the fog lights and at the hood latch. So there is no air taken from behind the radiator. It comes in from front grill before getting to the hot stuff.


    Anyone read that article she referred to in Muscle Magazine yet?? Nothing online that I can find. I am sure some one here gets that subscription and can confirm what she is saying?:shrug:
  3. Is the article Shannon mentions put the WMS against- IIRC and AirRaid CAI, and K&N? If so then yes the WMS should beat them. However I do not believe WMS will beat C&L or JLT. It may be comparable but that is about it.

    I don't hate the WMS product but I am perfectly happy with my JLT II!

  4. She said it was tested against the Steeda and others. And that the 80 mm w/o tune was equal to the Steeda with a tune. And that the 95mm beat the Steeda. But you did not mention Steeda. Did she try to pull the wool over my eyes or did you just not mention the Steeda. I think from all dyno's results I have seen the Steeda, JLT & C&L are real close so it is more owner preference when deciding.
  5. Although I can agree about air traveling up into the ram air box through the hood latch opening ? However, I'm still a bit skeptic about the 2 other openings behind the fog lights ?? It seems to me that the fog lights are an obstruction, now if there were no fog's in the grill ? perhaps there would be more room for air to travel up into the box ?..Sorry, but I'm still not convinced about the WMS's ability to create more airflow than any of the other cold air systems ?? Think I'll just stick with my Steeda CAI :shrug:
  6. there is a suprising amount of airflow between the hood and the top of the headlights/grille area. There is a small gap there, and air does go through it. Sorry to tell WMS, but the same amount of fresh airflow reaches the filter in the traditional cai location on the S197's. Those of you that have put some mileage on your cai's will notice a dirt stripe on the filter from where the hood gap is open.
    I just don't understand it... C&L and JLT have been PROVEN on the TRACK. Why does everybody have to try to reinvent the wheel?
  7. Now I'm not knocking anybodys choice for CAIs, but the WMS system is not reinventing the wheel. That is a similar setup that found it's way into the WS6 Trans Am and SS Camaro back in the mid to late 90's with huge success.
    Most all of these systems have been track proven so unless you are out there earning a living trying to make 1.8 more hp over the comepetition, the choice is usually up to brand loyalty, looks or cost. I personaly like resonable gains in power, but also the look plays into it as well. The WMS has the hp gain similar to the rest AND looks good too.
    As for me, I am still undecided on which one to purchase...Steeda?, C&L?, JLT?, Granatelli?, WMS?
  8. I look at it this way ?? One of the reasons why I chose the Steeda/FRPP CAI is it's factory installed by Ford on both the Shelby GT-H and the upcoming Shelby GT and it will only be a matter of time when that package becomes included as part of the factory warranty on the Mustang GT as well..Therefore, if the Steeda/FRPP is good enough for Ford ?? then it's sure good enough for me..Just my $02.
  9. The WMS Intake is just as good as as the steeda, JLT, and C&L IMO. However I'm going to order the JLT Intake tuner because of price. Just my .02 cents
  10. I've heard Steeda is comparible but I wasn't sure so I left it out.
  11. Re-inventing the wheel is how we have a lot of the thing today. Would you like to still be using candle or maybe riding Real horses as a means to get where you are going?

    Just look at TV's for a good example. There are dozens of brands out there. They all work but one might be a little better clarity than another or cheaper than the other. Why limit it to just two or three when more gives varaity and cuts costs?

    Competetion is the best thing to happen to this great world of ours. Without it we would not have a lot of the things we do today. They re-invent the wheel every few years with body style changes. I like the retro Stang out right now but in a year or so that will change as well.

    Change is not always bad. Embrace it! Be glad you live in a land that gives you the freedom to do such a thing. :flag:
  12. I totally agree with you guys! I thought I could create some good conversation on this issue if I played the devil's advocate. I know my replacement type filter is no match for the under hood type cold air systems.
    I think they look cool too and they make some good power.
    It was interesting to read some of your replies and how well you all defended your choice of cold air induction.

    Hope I didn't anger you too much. :hail2:

  13. DennisT

    2007 Tungsten Grey Premium GT w/IUP, 3.55's, 5-spd, spoiler delete, MAC axle back, 35% tint.

    Your sig says 3.55 gears. I understood 07s came with 3.31 gears I have and 07 T-Grey 5spd also.

    I'll probably use JLT/SCT.
  14. 3.55s were optional for 07.
  15. Although I can't speak for all the other members ? you definitely did not anger me in have every right to speak your mind and voice your opinions, that's part of what this forum is all about ? just because we may not share your opinions doesn't mean their not considered as valuable information in fact you brought up some very interesting points as far as I'm concerned ? As for defending our choice of air intakes ? we choose them because some of the top SCT tuners such as Bamachips, Brenspeed and MD motorsports who conducted the independant 3rd party testing has proven time and time again on the dyno, these air intakes provide the best HP and Torque performance gains as claimed by the manufacturer...Anyway, hope you didn't take anything that was said in the wrong way..:shrug:
  16. Off topic, but is that the CDC aggresive chin spoiler? looks nice. Also, are the rocker panels stock? how does it look with the stock rocker panels and rear bumper

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  17. The C&L w/ Diablosport combo has been great. Big difference over stock. (And I did find a good deal on ebay. Give it a shot.)
  18. Man what a great argument....It could go on forever but until you tune the car and put a CAI on you'll never know what your missing. Just go buy one (there is like 5 out there that everyone talks about) and see for yourself, if you don't like it sell it on the boards and fine another one!
  19. Questions for HEAVYGT or any Granatelli users

    Are you still pleased with your Granatelli intake?

    Also, how well does the intake perform without a tune? (HeavyGT - I noticed that you have the intake and a custom chip/tune. Did you try the intake without a custom tune?)

    Lastly, how easy was the installation and how complete was the kit?
  20. I had the C&L Racer kit installed with a SCT tune. It made a big difference. It made an even bigger difference after installing the Steeda UD pulleys and the 410 gears:) You really cannot go wrong with the major brands, but I would buy C&L again, and would recommend it to anyone without hesitation.