Best cold air intake system

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  1. I didn't take any comments the wrong way at all. I too thought we all had a good discussion on this topic. I glad to hear that some of my points were of help, that's what this forum is about. We help each other by sharing thoughts and ideas.

    I must say that I like the way the, what I call under hood, cold air systems look. I still think they may be charging too much for them. Also I would like to hear from someone that has seen test results regarding how much under hood heat they allow into the engine. I am looking at this from an Engineering point of view, since I am a Mechancal Designer by trade. As for that little dam, around the filter, that is supposed to keep the hot air our of the intake, it doesn't appear to be insulated and I wonder how well it seals around the hood.

    As far as how well they perform, the test numbers say it all. Therefore I have say they seem to work well inspite of my concerns.

  2. I love the way your car looks and the cold air system too. :jaw:

    Did you do the tune on it or have it done and did it come with the cold air system?

    I like the Cobra emblems on the side, nice touch!:nice:

  3. Looking to relocate to Texas? We need a good Mechanical designer here. I am also one by trade. We build modular self contained skid units. (pumps, blowers, chem feed) Oil & Gas, Power indusrty etc.
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  4. It is actually the classic chin spoiler, not the aggressive one. It actually looks find with the standard rocker panel sides and rear.

  5. Very very pleased with it...It actually performed very well without a cutom tune...I was quite surprised.

    The installation is a snap and it is a complete kit including the Hitachi MAF chip. I opted for the polished one which is a few bucks more. I also have their throttle body installed. I would recommend them highly, great cutomer service and you can go right to their website and order directly from them.
  6. Thanks, I love the way it looks too. Apparently alot of other people as well because there is not one day that goes by that someone doesn't give me a positive comment. A thumbs up, a huge grin, a ouhhhhhhh or a ahhhhhhhhh, or a nice!!! :hail2:
  7. another shot of CAI...

    I will try to take better closeup shots this weekend for those interested.


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  8. I'd like to see one with the hood down so we can see the striping. For that matter a side and rear view would be nice too.

    I have an 06 GT Black w/ red interior and I am considering red racing stripes.
    I would like to put the Cobra emblem on like you did, where did you get them?

    Looking forward to seeing the pics.


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  9. I work for Hershey Chocolate company. We do Plant layout, HVAC, piping, machine design things like that. I like my job and wouldn't want to move, but thanks for the offer.
    I plan to retire from this company and move to Vermont.

  10. Sorry I am so late replying to your comment.

    I had a chance to look under the hood of my GT and found out why all these designers of cold air systems made them to fit under the hood. There just isn't any room in the fender well for a filter or much else.:(
    I think these systems look good and say "POWER" when you look at them.
    A good example of this is the Granatelli cold air intake.

    Too all of you out there, do you have any good reciepts for cooking crow, I will be eating some. :rlaugh:

    I think I would go with the Granatelli system because it looks cool and performs well.

  11. faspony, I just noticed that you plan on going with the Granatelli cold air ? and would like to offer some friendly advice..I would request to see what both the dyno results and air/fuel ratio numbers are from a 3rd party tuner such as bamachips, brenspeed or MD motorsports in order to verify that everything is accurate as claimed by Granatelli..:shrug:
  12. Thanks for the info, I'll check it out:nice:

  13. I'm surprised that no one has offered up a Ram-Air system for the S197's yet.

    similar to those for the 'F' body `stangs :shrug:

    View attachment 436846

    any thoughts?​
  14. Shooterm1, here is your ram air system for the S197s. 5.0 Mustangand Super Fords magazine did a dyno with 11 CAIs(the WMS was near the top...was best with no tune)the Westin Motorsports(no tune) vs C&L(custom tune) vs JLT(custom tune) vs K&N(no tune). The WMS dynoed less than 1hp and 1 lb/ft less than the C&L, within 2 hp and 1 ft/lb less than the JLT and 6hp and 6 lb/ft more than the K&N.

    <IMG SRC="">
    Here is the dyno comparison with a stock computer baseline and with our intake installed. Both power and torque and increased all across the rpm range with a peak rwhp gain of 19.4 and peak torque gain of 15.1. We only rev'd the engine to 5900 rpm with the stock computer as power drops off - at 5800 rpm our intake gained 28 rwhp over the stock setup. With a programmer in increase the rpm capability there are further increases available. Note these runs are on a Mustang Chassis Dyno so power numbers are lower than found on Dynojets, typically 10-12% lower.

    I believe this WMS will be the CAI I choose.
    <IMG SRC="">
  15. Hey Faspony and everyone are a few more pics before i swap the rear end gears to 4.10s and rear end suspension parts.

    The cobra emablems are the GT500 Shelby ones off of Ebay.


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  16. Heavy, that is one helluva sweet ride you got there!!!!!!! Thanks for posting the pics.
  17. that is a very nice color combo but those badges are gonna be the death of you...:D
  18. I don't think so...4.10's and whole new rear end suspension with an aluminum drive shaft on thursday...and the blower is going in over the winter...we'll see.