Best cold air intake system

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  1. Wow, that's the classic chin spoiler? I always thought that a chin spoiler without new side skirts and rear bumper would be much lower in the front than the rest of the car...obviously not true. Very nice. CDC should thank you b/c your car sold me on the chin spoiler.

    I want a more aggressive look in the front without having to spend too much money on sides and rear...I think I have my answer.

    Did you install it yourself?
  2. I also want a more agressive front end. Thinking about using the Roush front bumper along with the quarter window louvers and rear wing.

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  3. I know... I was quite pleased with their product. I installed it myself without taking the front wheels off (just turned them all the way). The spoiler attaches to the inside of the wheel well with 2 screws on each side and 3M tape in the front. I love it!!!
  4. Heavy GT

    You did a fine job on your Stang. You have inspired me to get busy with mine.
    As I mentioned I would like to put racing stripes on, red in fact, my Black GT coupe. I got the idea from an ad in MM&FF mag. for Boyd Coddington wheels.
    They showed a 05/06 Black GT with red racing stripes.
    I was thinking about duel stripes but like the looks of yours, is that a Ford Racing product?
    I was reading the article in my 5.0 M&SF mag. about the Granatelli cai kit and 62 mm throttle body installed on an 05 GT. The dyno test results was amazing, 40 HP and 37.5 ft. of torgue at the rear wheels. Now that's what I'm talking about!:nice:


  5. Still doesnt make it a "SVT" Cobra....:nice: