Best color on an SN95?

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  1. Currently have Dark Forrest Green, but I'm thinking of getting a new color put on. What do you all suggest?
  2. Do you want a mustang color or just any kind of color? Maybe orange(the tangerine one)? :shrug:
  3. Partial to Electric Green, but I have also gotten to really like Sonic Blue. I like Tangerine though too...
  4. Competition Orange :drool:
  5. what year specifically is it?

    94-96 tangerine
    97-04 comp orange
  6. Moonlight Blue!


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  7. I'm pretty partial to Chrome Yellow and White.
  8. I prefer white myself but Tangerine (only used in 96) looks freaking awesome. I seen one at Steeda with smoked head lights and chrome cobra r rims and it looked dead sexy. Tangerine is just so purdy on an sn95 (after white of course ;) ).
  9. Actually, I was going to say green, but I saw that you already had a green one. Maybe you can do a half and half? The upper part would be black and the rest of the car would be tangerine/comp orange? Kinda like this : [​IMG]
  10. I say cobalt blue w/flakes and ghost patterns or ghost flames, thats what I have planned for my currently white 95gt.
  11. I guess it depends on how much you want to stand out, my choice would be dark shadow grey because its understated and beautiful.
  12. isnt mystic very expensive to get it done well?
  13. yes, but he said best color :D
  14. of course im going to say competition orange!
  15. Azure Blue!

    I also had a '97 V6 that was "Dark Tourmaline" that was just goregous. I had lots of people come up to me and tell me how pretty the car was. I have never seen another Mustang in that color since. It is the one car that I had that if I could find and buy again I would.
  16. Here is a picture of it, though I don't think it does the car justice.


    The color was blue/green/blakc/and or purple depending on how the light was hitting it. The first time I saw the car I thought it was green. When I went back the next day to pick it up I thought it was the wrong car because then it was blue.
  17. I'm going with 05 Screaming yellow myself, so far I've done the engine compartment with it and it looks awsome!
  18. zinc yellow > screaming yellow
  19. Zinc yellow looks too faded. I like bold, bright yellows..