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Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Crackerballer, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. So I just ordered my Magnaflow catback from and I got it for $353 shipped. Brand new. If anyone is looking to pick this system up for their cobra or GT, they got the hookup.
  2. What does it sound like? Deep and lopey like a 5.0? will it fit an 04? thanks.
  3. It will fit ure 04, I just ordered it literally an hour ago, I have heard some sound clips from the Atlanta SVT forum with it on the 03/04's and of my god it is a beast, not raspy, but very deep and throaty, super aggressive. For the price, i would ahve to say it is the best system out.
  4. post where i can find these clips. thanks.
  5. You can listen to mine in the clips listed in my sig. Although I am running more than just the Magnaflow C/B.

  6. which magnaflows did u get? the magnapacks or the other one?

  7. Far from it. Its quiet, deep, conservative and has a "masked/muted" overall sound. IMO. Not a very throaty sounding catback. But some people like it quiet and mellow.
  8. Its not super deep, but I plan on going long tubes and offroad X, so it will be plenty loud. I got the regular catback.
  9. Magnaflow doesn't make a C/B for the Cobra that utilizes the Magnapak mufflers. You'd have to buy the regular Magnaflow C/B and then purchase the Magnapak mufflers seperately and swap them for the Magnaflows...

  10. UM that is what I thought, but I figured there was only one kit. So do people not like this kit?
  11. Not like the Magnaflow? Sure there's people who don't like it, at least don't like the sound. Exhaust sound is very subjective though. What sounds good to you may sound like poop to me. :shrug:

    The Magnaflow C/B is a quality product, made from stainless steel, great fit, good price, good power.


    P.S. I had 'Paks on my GT and they were LOUD! The Magnaflow mufflers are quieter and less raspy than the Paks.
  12. im gonna look into the whole magnapack thing for a cobra. we were looking in a magnaflow catalog in a speed shop and it had it listed for a 96 cobra but i am going to double check. im sure you guys are right though, u guys owned your cobras longer than me :)
  13. 4.6L V8, GT/Cobra, Magnapack System,,
    4x4x14" Muffler, 2.5" Tubing, Rear Exit, 3.5" Tip 15677 $566.78

    for a 96-98 cobra (off magnaflow website)
  14. exactly..... the do not make one for the IRS 03/04 Cobra with MagnaPacks, you have to order the mufflers seperately as UM stated above.
    I have the MagnaFlow Cat Back, and love the sound. John at CompleteExhaust can hook you up with MagnaPacks for around $55 each.
    Then you have to have them Welded in, or have the inlets stretched to fit over the 2.5 in pipes, to use like the U Clamp mounted MagnaFlow Mufflers.
    Toying with the idea of having some 2.5" 20" Stainless tubing made up to swap out with the MagnaFlows occasionally..... probably be way to loud, and kill the bottom end torque... but would be interesting to hear it go down the track...
  15. pvteye, how in the world did u get the first mystichrome? I am glad you like the sound, I have heard many sound clips, and these things should be a beast.
  16. ooh ok they are for the 03/04 cobras! i thought u were talking about cobras in general LOL! :) sorry!
  17. lol.... do not have the First MystiChrome... it is number 422 of 1010 total built and it is 1 of 495 convertibles... they do not tell you which sequence of verts yours is.....Just which sequence of the total run, and the number with your color scheme...
  18. :rlaugh: I was a little confused the first time I read pvteye's signature myself! Then it dawned on me what he meant when he stated "1 of 495". Heck, using that line of reasoning mine is even more rare! Mine is 1 of only 190! (Only 190 Oxford White coupes with Parchment interior) :rlaugh:

  19. thats great that complete exhaust is still selling these cat-backs cheap. I bought mine in the early spring for 317 shipped. Nice quality, nice fit, supurb sound!!

  20. Hey UM.... never heard what the new Dyno numbers were for the Aug 12th RWTD tune? The ones in your sig do not appear to have changed.... come clean guy... cough up the numbers... no sleepers in here....