Best Deal ever!

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Crackerballer, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Yea makes mine look real rare when you think about it. 1 of 1 1999 SVt cobra coupe sitting in my drive way on the 30th of aug. 2004 at 10 pm
  2. UM, I have a 99 Cobra with Parchment interior, leather, so I am one of those 190, so is Nazman.
  3. The numbers I quoted are for 2003 models only! I'm betting you and nazman's are even more rare! Remember, they built 13,000 2003 Cobra's! The most ever for a single production year!!!! Call SVT with your VIN and find out for sure though as far as your car is concerned.


    P.S. pvteye - Those numbers in my sig ARE the real ones from the RWTD dyno day. My car was making more power before, but in a dangerous way (A/F ratio). It now has a beautiful flat A/F line all across the RPM range and is much safer then before. Sometimes you have to sacrifice power for safety. I'm more than happy to give up some HP/TQ if it means my motor will live longer!

  4. Dayum! I was unaware there were only 4 colors offered in '99! I stand corrected once again!! :nice: