best foxbody mods

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  1. What is yalls opinion on the best mod for any of the foxbodies???:fairyfight:
  2. If its stock. The first things I would do is gears,exhaust,subframe connectors.
  3. i agree with the exhaust but i also would go with a new after maeket hood
  4. Lets just say the gears are the day and night change a must if u want more out of a stock ride. i went with a 88 tc rear disc brake swap with 355 gears made my year and was cheap under 200 bucks
  5. id also have to do a 4-lug to 5-lug swap with a new 355 gear swap as well
  6. Did you convert to five lug? I was asking someone once how to get a cheap 4 lug disc setup and they suggested the TC brakes as well... I was a little confused since I thought it was only 5 lug...
  7. 5 lug swap is a MUST get some decent brakes on there so you can actually stop
  8. i have 4 sets of rims and tires for 4 lugs why i went with a tc rear end now that my rear end sticks out 3/4 of a inch on each side im looking at 5 lug swap sucks so much cash in my 4 lug stuff and cant stand my deep dish anymore.
  9. Completely stock??? Get rid of that air intake silencer thingy in the fender :D

    Could there possibly still be one of those somewhere intact??

  10. I pulled out out of my fender when i got my car...still have it. eventually it will be worth MILLIONS :nice:
  11. on the budget: explorer top end; intake, heads & TB. bump timing. Junk yard 5 lug & disc brake upgrade. electric fan & 3g alt. gears, SFC's, aluminum DS.
  12. i think the best mods are the ones you cant see, or see right away. not a fan of body work modifications in general.
  13. Ride height and wheels/tires...

    ANY fox looks good with the right stance and wheel/tire combo!!!
  14. +1
  15. i think it will only be worth half that cause i still have mine:owned:
  16. Shifter, gears, exhaust, subframes, in that order.
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  17. give me your address and ill come rob you, um i mean, ill send you mine :D
  18. send me yours
  19. Kenne Bell :D (I'm not at all biased :nice:)
  20. gears, sfc's and forced induction, oh and a t5 delete mod lol..