best foxbody mods

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  1. I think a hood is one of the last things I would buy lol
  2. Exhaust, gears, SFCs, shifter, upper and lower control arms(you need traction after getting those new gears), 5-lug and 4 wheel disc brakes, nice rims, and springs.
  3. :nice: i had a 4" for a while (went through a phase) but i put the stock hood back on and its definitly staying
    whats traction??? :shrug:
  4. thats a worthless question. start with brakes, dont stop till you got cobras or better all the way around with the correct master cyl and a 5 lug, then move on to suspension, dont stop till you have a road and track box all the way around at least, then do your motor, then rearend (trac loc rebuild and gears) then interior (good seats, gauges, clean up, relocate battery) then the other stuff along the way, 3 core rad, 3g alt...

    if your looking to keep it close to stock just replace all worn bushings underneath, do subframe connectors, a kmember brace, exhaust, short throw shifter, gears, take out the air silencer, get a k&n, tint windows, bilstein hd shocks and struts, h&r race springs or road and track springs and drive it.
  5. ^ too much suspension, not enough power :D

    Obviously you will see the differences between the suspension guys and the motor guys

    *waits for guy to scan MM catalog cover*
  6. Im surprised at all the guys pushing ONLY a 5 lug kit. There are cost friendly and very good options for the 4 lugs as well.
  7. !? too much suspension?! i dont get it
  8. me neither, if its not enough motor that just means you can floor it everywhere.
  9. :thinking:
    i hope you're kidding but i guess thats just a difference in opinion. Suspension mods are great, ive done a few and a few more on the way, but theres just nothing exciting about driving around a 190hp car to me.

    Gears, Exhaust, Subframe Connectors, lowering springs, and some of the "free" mods are the best way to start for me

    your suggestion is more for an autocross or road course car, thats great and all but it definitly doesnt apply as much to street driven cars or track cars
  10. it was kidding, i dont hate having a car that handles too well though.

    difference in opinion
  11. i dunno, my car is all stock but the suspension definitely has made better use of the power everywhere, once my tires are hot i can do a 4k clutch dump and hook hard, when entering and exiting turns i dont have to let off the gas, but before you jump in my **** it wont be like this for long...
  12. Best Fox Mod= Windsor swap. /thread

    Hey weren't you the one that had your 4" fly up on you and destroy your cowl? And then I made some snide remark about it being a sign from God about having a 4" on a mostly stock car, and I think you got a little irritated. Haha!
  13. I couldn't agree MORE!


  14. wasnt planning to jump your ****, i understand the suspension mods for you, as you do the road racing and all that, and youve said you're starting a 347 build arent you?
    :rolleyes: my hood hated me, i hated my hood. One day it decided to leave me.:rlaugh: Its all good though, my stock car isnt stock anymore and that hood got me $3,000 from insurance
  15. Ha, yea, I was just giving you a hard time.
  16. Dart 347 AFR's mechanical cam and a F1c procharger with A2A aftercooler :D
  17. :nice: hope you get a big tax return
  18. nah i just eat plain chicken and hide from the light of day oh and spend every cent of my paycheck on it
  19. anything from an APC catalog that goes on with 3M tape