Best gear Ratio 3.73s or 4.10s

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jose.martinez, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. I want to know which gear I should get for my 01 Cobra 3.73s or 4.10s.Keep in mind that this car is my daily driver.


    2001 COBRA True Blue Coupe 332 RWHP , 330 RWT
  2. I had 4.10's....they were great at first....then I got use to them and wish I had gone with 4.30's.

    4.10 is a nice street gear! 4.30's are only 5% different than the 4.10's, but do add to the fun factor.

    If you are staying n/a, and it's daily driven, I would say go with the 4.10's.
  3. Yes it is N/A , but I do plan on getting a super charger.Also I heard there are 3.90 gears ANYBODY HAVE 3.90s
  4. A friend with a Paxton 98 Cobra got the 3.90's....Ford Motorsports doesn't make them. Friend has no complaints with them, but the difference from a 3.90 to a 4.10 is nothing....just go with the 4.10's. Either n/a or s/c, you will be happy. Just need some DR's for the street.
  5. I had 4.10's in my SC'd '01 Cobra and loved them, and yes you'll definately need drag radials... :D
  6. You will not be happy with 3.73's...You'll be swapping them out in no time wishing you went with the 4.10's...Now, if you go to the track a lot get 4.30's...4.10's aren't a very track friendly gear for Cobras because they make you shift into 4th right at the speed traps at the end of the track...If you don't go to the track, 4.10's will be a very fun and streetable gear...I really like mine on the street, but hate them at the track, thus I have some 4.30's sitting in the other room waiting to go in...
  7. no 3.73s just took out 4.10s only after 700miles , i have 99 cobra with 4.10 you are taching 75mph/2750,,,,82mph/3000,,,110mph/4000,,138mph/5000 in 5th gear t-45 cant even go a 155 anymore but thats only my story..have to make your own diss......i have some 4.30s im willing to part with 3000 miles on them motor sport brand $100.00 you pay to ship,mess me cause a may not find this again
  8. No question: get 4.30s. I still get better than 22 mpg on the highway and you actually save a lot of gas in town when driving conservatively. And you still can have fun with them. I had my car up to 140 in 4th (TKO with standard gearing, not 3650). And if you ever go to the track you will hate the 4.10s due to that oh-so-fun last second shift... And 3.73s are simply a waste of money.
  9. 3.73s get them for every day use hell i drive my car only 3000miles in the past 2 years and i hated them the first time i drove it 1st. gear is to short when you are spinning.sure its fun to slide around corners, but hey im 38 years old.and have 5 cars get what ever you want ,just tell me how you like them!
  10. I'm trying to understand what you've said, but it is incredibly difficult... If I am reading you right, you are recommending 3.73s because 4.30s made you spin too much? Well, I can go around spinning everywhere with 3.27s, too, it's all about self-discipline. I don't spin when I drive around town, and I drive rather agressively. If you know your car you'd know you can still pass everyone without having to go past 1/3 throttle. A friend of mine with an 01 got 3.73s and he was depressed about the results for months until he simply traded it in and got an 03. 4.30s will increase your efficiency around town if you drive conservatively and your highway mileage will barely suffer. They are more fun than 3.73s and much better for the track than 4.10s.
  11. i dont take it to the track any more when a did it run [email protected] but i go on long trips if you want 4.30s fine i got some sitting around,$100.00 im not going to take it to the track everyweek i dont rag my **** sure you can burn rubber with 3.27s .but 4.10s are just for kids.who want to be bad hell ,a got an 83GT 408cuin 250 shot of juice if i want to go fast my not going to blow my cobra up., my GT,it runs 9.45/142mph.408 stroker 83GT et sreets a/c power streering. almost forgot it has 3.73s all said an done. want to run!me with your 4.30s
  12. I drive about 15k to 18k a year, and love my 4:10's. lots of fun :D
  13. 4.30s all the way............don't fear the gear
  14. they do make 5.13s for you people out there let me know how they do !!and your high way gas mileage???my 99 cobra went it was stock 3.27s i got 29 mpg on high way at a steady 75 stop!is that good or what??i dont know what did you all get stock just wondering??
  15. I'm sure that [email protected] was on the spray...there's people on here that have gone faster than that naturally aspirated with 4.56 and 4.88 I'm guessing the lower gears don't seem to hurt any...

    And some people could give a care less about highway RPMS and gas milage...To me, my 4.10's take my car out of the flowmaster 'drone zone' on the highway so it's a lot less loud inside the car...with any higher rear end gearing you'd be right around the 2000rpm mark where the drone is the worst...
  16. OK, I wasn't challenging you or insulting you (I think). Those are nice times. But with the gears I think you say you have, that wasn't NA. The person who posed the question originally is someone who uses his Cobra as a daily driver. I'm giving him advice from the perspective of someone who also uses his car as a daily driver, but also tracks it relatively frequently. And (to the thread started) do you have a live axle or IRS? Cause with that power, if you have an IRS, you may want to keep the gearing a little more conservative than 4.30s. If you have a solid, on the other hand, you can slap on some slicks and have so real fun with 4.30s.
  17. yes that was just motor just had few mods 298 rwhp.4.10 gears have IRS with eibach springs it took the wheel hop out ,that time was with m/t/et/sreets 28x12.50x15 60 ft.time 1.63 11.72/117mph.with18 in cobra r wheels on ft.looked funny with just welds on the back my buddy let me use them it see what i could run never run with my street tires there hard tires . all motor!just get some of those tires im tell you!they hook! im going to be going to the spring this is not my race car it one i drive once in a blue moon people dont know how to park
  18. Uh, ok... With 298 rwhp, there is no way you ran in the 11s with the IRS regardless of the tires. And that 60' is impossible with what you say you have. Plus, 298 rwhp in one of our pigs does not equal 117 mph in the 1/4... ever. Please, please make some sense in your response...
  19. sorry dude thats what a ran.have you tryed those my car stood up,maybe i know how to drive?my car runs damm good im 38 im no just telling you what the dynoed said .i have been racing for longer than you been living .by your talk!
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