Best gear Ratio 3.73s or 4.10s

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by jose.martinez, Jan 13, 2004.

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  1. Um, yeah... Well, I have never heard of an IRS-equipped Cobra "standing up" on launch. And, I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to simply call BS on this one. You are either lying about your numbers or have never actually raced the car. Anyone else who knows anything about the 1/4 chime in here... 298 rwhp does not equal 117 mph. Not even close. And, again, the 60' is impossible. And I read like I am young? You read like you've been through my state's public school system...
  2. I will say that 117 w/ 298 is a little far-fetched. My car probably has about that HP, maybe a bit more and it only trapped 107 in some great weather. My 96 Cobra may have a little bit less HP than that and with the solid axle and launching at 5K RPM's it only cut a 1.79 60ft.
    I have heard of several IRS cars breaking shafts on drag radials.. I just don't see one holding together for even one pass on ET Streets, and with a 1.63 60ft... There is no way you could have even rode the clutch a bit to get it off the line that hard.

    sorry. :bs:
  3. I never flame or point fingers, but I'll say this:

    When I was at 290RWHP, I was trapping 106-108MPH. My best 60ft was a 2.04 on Nitto drag radials.

    I'm at 500+RWHP now, and I had no traction through 2nd gear. IRS with Nitto's. I was trapping at just over 117MPH...I don't want to talk about my ET's.

    I don't believe that by cutting a 1.6 60ft that your MPH would go up by 10-12MPH. Usually, the guys I see cutting great 60ft's with said power are running high 11's, low 12's but at I don't see how this all adds up.

    But who am I to talk; whatever..... :shrug:
  4. I have 4.10's, have right around 300rwhp with the long tubes now and trap around 106 with 1.80 60' being my best on et streets...there's no way you trap 117 N/A...does your Cobra have body panels? because the only way you'd get that ET and trap those speeds is to have your car stripped down to the frame...
  5. i guess my track is wrong than, i lunch at 6000rpm heat tires till car bogs or ft,tires lift up are you sure your dynos are dont get mustang and fast fords there running same times wuth about the same mods and gears some are ruuing faster than that.oh by the way that was after install my 62mm t.b. my intake and intake runners or port matched a fail to my spelling sucks but i guess you never had a good run in your car drag radials suck you can blow the tires off with them. and some do it with irs susp.let me here back and im in 4th gear thur the ligths dont know about your shift in to 4TH right at the traps you must be ***** shifting,are you powershifting you know foot to the floor on the gas and just pop the clutch??
  6. What? :shrug:

    Never mind, this makes no sense.
    I have to call it now: :bs:

    There's no way you ran a 117MPH trap with what you have. I won't even start about the 62mm TB and what it didn't do for your car.....

    Have a good one buddy.
  7. I think cutting a good 60ft time does not help your mph so much. mph shows more of your hp. So 117 mph seems quite a bit high.

    but who am I :shrug:
  8. im just letting you know what my car runs,dont want to give away all my secrets.i have video i need to get a cord to post it!
  9. No Internet forum is perfect--this one is far from it as evidenced by this thread. Hotrodman... Your name is indicative of your writing style and your claims are meaningless due to their impossibility. I raced my Cobra with IRS for two seasons and I know your numbers are impossible. I'm sorry but the forum isn't a joke--you are. Now let's stop feeding this troll.
  10. You make complete sentence sense make.....then drive car fast we do. :rolleyes:
  11. what are your 2 reasons you didnt say wha de matr u dont lik mie stylea
  12. That isn't style. That's lack of an education.
  13. Guys look at how many posts this guy has. By what he is sayin there is no way he knows his a** from his Elbow it comes it comes to a mustang, let alone takin it to the track. 350 rwhp and i know there is no way i could trap a 60 foot like that or a 1/4 at that time speed. Hey no flame here but know what you are talkin about before you post stuff like that or have the paper to back it up.
  14. Number of posts does not necessarily indicate level of knowledge. I only have like five posts at and maybe 20 at, but I know a decent bit about Cobras and Mustangs in general. This guy has proven his ignorance with the content of his posts...
  15. Bleh, this thread has deteriorated to the point of becoming a slugfest, so it's gonna come to a halt. :lock:
    For those of you who wish to continue your "disagreement," please take it to PM or e-mail.

    My apologies to the original poster, if you would like to begin a new thread, please feel free to do so... :cheers:
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