Best Handling?????????

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  1. All stock
    1989 c-4
    1999 LS-1
    3rd gen:D
    Any one have any experience with those GM products
    Will the 5.0 be able to keep up.
    or will i have to upgrade and mod.
    CONSRUCTIVE comments thanx
  2. 5.0 wont keep up, maximum motorsports or griggs can change that though. My guess is that the ls1 would be the best handling. They came from the factory with a torque arm and panhard bar I believe. Others will give you a more definite answer.
  3. yep pretty much... the 5.0 lacks in handling compared to the competition u listed.
  4. What do you mean by "3rd gen", 3rd gen what?? Also, ls-1 what? Camaro/Firebird? Vette? Either way, the fox can't hold a candle in the curvies to any modern GM product. The f-body suspension is just incredible. You can carve corners with the best of them, then put on a set of 17" drag radials and cut a 1.6 60ft with bone stock suspension. I hate to be praising GM on here, but I wish I could say the same about foxes. Or any Mustang for that matter.

  5. you can.....youll just be lying:)
  6. well buy a fox for 4k then maximum grip package for another 4k and there you go. Still cheaper than the other cars lol
  7. But it will run even worse 60fts than it did stock. The cool thing is being able to do both. Say you did get the fox to keep up around the corner, it'd be all over at the first straightaway. Damn, there I go sticking up for F-bodys again.