Best hide away radio and speakers?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by zombiebrew, Sep 30, 2011.

  1. I think i've gone 180 and decided to hide away a radio in the glovebox of my 66 mustang. This way i keep the astetics but upgrade the audio. I alreay have the front kick panels sized for a 6 1/2 in speaker and i have a spare pannel for the back which i intend on putting 2 6X9s in.

    I want a stereo that provides plenty of punch but without the fancy touch screens or extra **** that costs $$$. It's going to be in the dash so nobody is going to see it anyway. I can't stand the big rubling bass of subs and i listen to punk so it would be a waste anyway.

    What's the most affordable head slash speaker combination that will get powerful sound without the frills?