Best Holley carb for 347 stroker combo?

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  1. My dad is putting together a 347 stroker, pretty hot package, but does not know which carb to go with. He was thinking a 700, but I did not think that it would be enough:shrug: . We have looked and really haven't seen anywhere that really outlines HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED. So looking for suggestions......

    347 stroker Forged Rotating assembly
    Lunati Voodoo 61004 cam ~540 lift 280 duration.
    Aluminum heads Pro Comp 190cc
    roller rockers TRW 1.6 Stainless
    Edelbrock Dual Plane High Rise
    4sp toploader
    9" 3.73

    Any guidance is appreciated!
  2. Just to give you an idea. My dad just recently had a 393 stroker professionnaly built by paul anthony racing. It has high compression with paul anthony ported heads. Its supposed to be good for about 600 hp N/A. (Apperently). This now sits in his his 67 shelby cobra. He went with the holly 1050. Well, this is what happened. It ran good at part throttle, then when he floored it, it just fell on its face. He then contacted a few people and that said "wtf". They told him to use a 750 holly at maximum. So thats what he just ordered from summit and should be at his house tomorrow. Ill let you know how it goes. My point is, your dads only running a 347, so 700 should be perfect
  3. since i dont have exact specs on your combo, but i think i know the direction you are going in, i would recommend using a 750cfm vacuum secondary carb. this will give plenty of airflow on the top end, and will still be docile enough for street driving.
  4. I use a 750 CFM Pro-form body with Holley accessories on my 347.
    Tried a 650 Holley first but was really impressed with the 750 in terms of throttle response and power.
  5. got a holley 750 on my 347 it runs great
  6. I ran a 650 Barry Grant Demon (Vac.Sec.) on my 342 (Std.Bore) and it worked great. However, if your cam is too radical you might consider a 650 Double Pumper.
  7. If you want simple and streetable, go with a 3310 or similar.
    It is a vacuum secondary 750 and can go on just about any V8 and not overcarb it.
    My neighbor is running a Street Avenger 770 on his 302 and loves it.
    He ran my 600 for a while, and it runs GOOD, however he claims the 770 runs better. I haven't driven it yet though to see if I notice a difference.
    If you have a manual tranny and/or decent rear gears, AND you don't drive the car all the time, you might consider a double pumper.
    They almost always make more power, while losing MPG at the same time.
    I ran a 700 DP on my little 306 and it loved it.
    I ran smaller carbs, and they just didn't run quite as good.
    IMO, that is the smallest you would want on a stroker if you went DP.
    750 would probably be perfect.

    The 1050 is a totally different animal than the 4150/4160 carbs.
    Also, if it falls on it's face when you floor it, look at the accel pump circuit.
    Sounds like they just gave up on the carb...

    I would use at least a 750 on 393+ cubes.
    IMO 1050 is too much though. Harder carb to make streetable as well.
  8. thanks for the info bro. I thought it would be too high as well.
  9. Perfect carb? :D How about TWO carbs?:D Mustang Unlimited's 2x4 setup with twin 390's. :nice: Streetable and WOW factor when the hood is raised..........:hail2: If not then ratio411's recommendation of a single 3310 750 would be a good all around choice.
  10. my 347 ran faster in the 1/8 mile with the 650dp and a little slower with the proform main body 750dp but with a higher mph. my choice would be the 750dp with the proform main body as stated from 2bav8
  11. Looks like 750 is the consensus.....How about the 4150?

  12. I have a Holley 750 HP on my 331 with a stout cam...right out of the box it was almost dead nuts on. Had it dyno tuned and it only picke dup 6-10 more RWHP...thats how close the tune was.
  13. Higher MPH usually means more HP...
    Being an 1/8 mile run, it may have needed more gear to use it.

    Just thinking aloud... :D

    4150 and 4160 are the Holley carbs that are used by far the most for performance.
    The only difference between the two is if the carb has jets or metering plates in the back.
    Other than that, they can be just about any configuration,
    so long as it has a standard Holley 4v baseplate that we are all so familiar with.
    Any standard baseplate Demon, Street Avenger, etc so-on...
    are based on these 2 family groups.

    With a swap of a metering block, you can also turn a 4160 into a 4150, or vise-versa.
  14. Updated combo specs!!!!

    347 stroker Forged Rotating assembly
    Lunati Voodoo 61004 cam ~540 lift 280 duration.
    Aluminum heads Pro Comp 190cc
    roller rockers TRW 1.6 Stainless
    Edelbrock Dual Plane High Rise
    4sp toploader
    9" 3.73
  15. There is a little more differences between the 4150 and 3310 than some people understand. The DPs have different boosters, usually have 4 corner idle, progressive secondary throttle linkage, and of course, another accel pump assembly. They have much snappier throttle response due to a stronger signal and are calibrated with richer idle and air bleed circuits. They cost nearly twice as much and suck down fuel at alarming rates. But they can wake up an engine. I have owned the 600 and 750 vac secondary carbs and several DPs- the DPs are just a better carb for a serious build.
    In fact, I just ordered the 750 HP main body for my 750 DP. My 530 HP 408 can probably use a few more CFM than the 750, so I thought for $125 I'd try it before I maybe get a 800 or 850. BTW, carb prices are getting ridiculous!
  16. Why only Holley? Theres other companies out there that might make a good carb for you..Quickfuel maybe?
  17. "I don't want anything but a holley on it!" His words.

    I think I am going to recommend the Holley 4150 ~750cfm. Hopefully we can get some pics once we get started. Gotta get my uncle's 66 shelby out of the way first though.:hail2: It should be done today.:nice:
  18. a Holley 750 HP Series Carb is on my 308CID with AFR !85 Heads and it works ****IN!!!!! Carb # 0-8528-1
  19. Why are you trying to confuse the guy?:bang:

    There is so much wrong with your statement, I don't know where to start!

    4150 is a carb family designation, as is 4160.
    It has nothing to do with the specific carb part number 3310 or how many accel pumps it has.
    DPs do not have 4 corner idle as a group.
    DPs do not have annular boosters as a group. (You didn't say 'annular' specifically, but they are pretty much the only choice of "different" boosters.)
    AND under a different part number, a 3310 can be a 4150 with only the addition of a metering block in the rear. As a 3310, it is a 4160... as a Street Avenger, it is a 4150, but still only has one accel pump.
    A single pump, vac secondary, has the exact same accel circuit, therefore they can be just as "snappy" as a DP... Sometimes snappier because you are not force feeding a second accel pump circuit.
    AND they all have "progressive" throttle linkage as the only other choice is 1:1 throttle linkage. Just that the DP is progressive mechanically, the VS is progressive at the will of the engine. Not to mention that you linked progressive linkage only to the 4150, when a VS can be 4150. You contradicted yourself.

    I will get off my soap box now, I don't really mean to sound like a d!ck, but posts like this confuse the thread when we are making progress helping someone.
    Carbs are hard enough to work on over the web, without having misinformation tossed in.