Best k member with stock A arm and springs

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  1. I looked around the forums but couldn't really find exactly what i needed to know,, or just didn't try that hard to look..LOL but here my questions......Hey everyone just wanted to know whats the best, (not to expensive) k member for my 90 5.0. I want to use my stock A arms for now and use my stock spring location, Not worried about weight.Want to have enough room for my long tubes and to get better acess to my underside.I also heared that some move up about 12 an inch forward. Is that right?I want one that has no changes..Thanks :SNSign:
  2. well we installed a qa1 in my brother 91 gt with his stock a arms and it was a breeze. No fitment issues at all but we did have a hell of a time getting the springs back in until we realized we had the spring purches backwards lol

    I have a few friends that have had bad luck with there upr k members.. a few cracks and tons of noise from there full coilover setups
  3. I just bought a QA1 k member off eaby for 240 including shipping. I will also be using the stock control arms and spring set up. I dont like how coilovers put the weight of the vehicle on the shock tower. We put a qa1 in my buddies car with its coil over kit and it did move the wheel base ahead. Not to big of a deal. Im curious to see if its just the a arms that pushes the wheels forward. I also bought this thing for clearance and a cleaner look. The weight savings is also a plus.
  4. Yeah I've seen them on ebay. The QA1 for around 240 shipped. Sound like a good deal. Does it make a big difference if it moves forward a little?so far two points for the QA1
  5. Team Z has a really nice kit with everything, arms, coil overs etc for $700 or so. I know that wasen't really what you were looking for but its a pretty good price and you wouldn't have to take everything apart again. Team Z makes really nice stuff btw.
  6. If anything, the longer wheel base is going to handle better. Not much but maybe a little bit.
  7. thanks so far QA1 is what im going. Need to decide soon so i can install, since im going to paint my engine bay.
  8. why on earth would you go through all that work to leave the stock control arms.
  9. Because coil overs suck. I dont like the thought of having the vehicles weight on the top of the shock tower (especially since me and satanas have body filler in them). And the tubular control arms for stock style springs are a ton of cash that I'd rather not shell out. I just got stock control arms with relatively new poly bushings in them for 50 bucks. Couldn't pass that deal up.
  10. AJE worked awesome on my car, no complaints at all

  11. Well what difference does it make if i put coilovers.NONE!! Its just to make your car lighter.Just had some lowering spring and struts put on my car about two years ago, don't want to spend more on something that i already have.I can spend that money on somewhere else on my car. Like I said I don't care about the weight.I just need to clean up my engine bay,want some header clearance and like MACn89blckstng said I don't want them pushing up on my shock tower. Since i put so much work onto my engine bay.
  12. Exactly, I also already have lowering springs and dont feel like shelling out the extra 500 bucks for tubular control arms and a coil over kit.
  13. You know they have spring perches for the tubular A-arms, I can't remember what brand makes them right now.
  14. theres more to gain from coilovers than a kmember
    header clearance.. meh, once its in its in.
    coilovers = adjustable ride height. with adjustable shocks. can be pretty sweet.
    kmember.. cant say much except weight there.
  15. so what wiill the a-arms do even with the perches?wouldn't it be the ame if you had the stock a arms?

  16. much lighter, look nicer.
    thats about it
  17. kmembers.jpg

    theres my new suspension.
    i just think it would look silly with those ****ty control arms on the new kmember
  18. yes it looks not concerned about the weight .usually you can't see the a arms can't you?if i ever decide i can always get the a arms later if i decide to get them.
  19. QA1 has the perches to be used with the stock a-arms.will you be able to use those with the tubular a-arms if i put those later. I definetly don't want coilovers
  20. DDerek, we are saying that we don't want coil overs because the weight of the vehicle is now resting on the top of the shock tower, not directly to the bottom of the frame rail. And especially since we have body filler in our shock towers from filling the holes in we dont want to risk having the shock towers possibly twist and crack out the filler. Who cares about adjustable ride height. I like the stance of my car and don't really car to change it at all.