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  1. Hi everyone I'm doing some fall research and am debating what drag radial/slick to run next year. I can get a set of brand new nitto for cheap money brand new or I could go with a set of mickey Thompsons. I'll have appx 400rwhp and a mm torque arm kit. Any suggestions

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  2. how cheap?? and are they drag radials or slicks?
  3. Let's just say cheap lol the drag radials.

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  4. nix the :poo:-tos
  5. slicks are easier to launch a car on the saying in the radial world is "slicks are so easy any monkey can do it".

    a radial will be faster.
    but radials will need better track prep.

    if its a stick shift car and your not really sure what your doing id say a stiff wall slick will be your best bet
    if its a auto car and you have a basic idea of how to set up the suspension to drag race id say go with a radial. you can hit them with WAY more then you will ever make

    as for size that all depends on the power you make and your gear set up.
  6. i would forget the nittos
  7. 555R's yes... those suck but from what ive heard the new NT05R's are pretty good. granted we will never run them but for a 400hp car they should be fine
  8. Anybody else make a decent d/r

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  9. Fixt. Lol
  10. We have been 7.73 coasting from around 900' on the Mickey pros we have been 7.84 on a 350 shot a long time ago on Hoosiers. Hoosier and mickeys work great the Mickey pros are amazing but not street able for most. The old mickeys are the best street able drag radial
  11. I don't see where you say what you are going to do with these slicks/drag radials.

    Track only or minimal street use. The mickey thompson drag for sure.
    Street/strip in good weather only, i prefer the bfg's.
    Street/strip and rain, use the nitto's.

    Nitto's will get most mileage, then the bfg's followed by the mt's.

    Don't get caught up in fitting extra width, a few millimeters will change very little with a drag radial.
  12. A guy we race with runs 9.2's (1/4 mile) with a 235/55/15 BFG drag radials with his turbo small block Nova
  13. I agree with most of this other then the bfg's. the mickeys will last roughly as long. An hook much better. And if its strip only I'd go Hoosiers over the standard mickeys
  14. I'll b mounting these on a spare set of wheels for track use 95% of there lives

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  15. I use qtp's

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