Best looking fox tires?


May 22, 2019
Toronto Ontario
General opinions on what tires you guys think would look best on my carmine red 87 gt.

It’s got stock turbine wheels, tires are relatively dry rotted. What do you think of white lettered tires??
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CarMichael Angelo

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Nov 29, 1999
Birmingham, al
General opinions on what tires you guys think would look best on my carmine red 87 gt.

It’s got stock turbine wheels, tires are relatively dry rotted. What do you think of white lettered tires??
It wont matter.
As long as you have turbine wheels, no tire is gonna look good.
And raised white letters died in the 80's.
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Feb 18, 2001
Buddy had a black GT with turbines and white lettering. I thought it looked good.

Then...there are tire stickers


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Jul 12, 2017
I like the BFG Radial T/A’s with the white letters out on some turbines.


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Dec 6, 2005
Marietta, Ga
I think white lettering looks good on some cars, but they have to fit. Like an 80s retro vibe or like a NASCAR style build. But on a "normal" car not so much. Like on that Camaro it would look OK, but there is WAY too much white lettering. It's more like they should be accents, not a focal point like in that case where they draw the eye away from the car. ( Of course, it IS a Camaro, so...... :rlaugh:) Now my opinion on yours, I wouldn't do it personally but I can see it being done.

Here's an idea for you to try. When white lettering was all the rage someone sold paint pens specifically for that purpose. Go out to your local Hobby Lobby or whatever and pick up some model paint markers in white. Then on your old rotted tires, paint up some of the lettering on them and see what you think on your car. If you really like the look then go for it!! If you don't then you're not out the money on a set of tires or the remount fees to have them turned around.
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