Best Looking Mustang (non stock) Pics

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  1. post pics of the best looking non stock mustang.
  2. Sorry, no pics... but does anyone have a dark metallic green '68 Fastback?

    :nice: :hail2: :hail2: :nice:
  3. this is the nicest mustang ever!!

  4. <img src="">

    It does not have to be glossy/perfect to be cool.
  5. The most perfect mustang I have ever seen was the gt-350 that sold for 130,000 last night
  6. streetgrande69...that is the most bad ass boss 302 ever. I hope it is as fast as it is cool. :drool:
  7. with this in it, youd think it was quick!!


    here are a few more shots of it. it was in a copy of popular hot rodding last year. it belongs to a guy in austin texas, rick flores i think is his name.. its bad ass!
  8. double post.............. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :notnice: i'm a dork!
  9. It ain't mine, but I dig this one...

    or this one... (it was on eBay and was sold, then I saw it afterwards up for auction at Hot August Nights last year)

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  10. :drool: I want a boss 302 now more than ever......:drool: man I am jealous....
    Sooner Joe, did you just start this to make people angry. haha
  11. 65 Mustang 347 Blown- Fuel injected- :nice:
  12. hoo doggy!

    that boss is as purdy as a hunnah dollah whore!
  13. 69's are becoming my favorite year The black one is the ****nit
  14. Too be honest, I started it to get Ideas for my car. I have a 68 stang (coupe), that my dad and I fixed up about 10 years ago. It has since been through 5 years in college and the last couple years it hasn't even ran. These are some very sweet cars!
  15. sooner joe, what brand are the wheels on that car ? Any info

  16. Do we have anymore pictures of links to more pictures of this car???
  17. i already posted it up top, look at other posts........