Best Looking Mustang (non stock) Pics

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  1. Mickey K...that isn't a sleeper....that's hybernation...good god I am drooling over the engine bay.

    The black fastback is super clean love it.
    Blake...those wheels kill have to do something about those. Bob that the same car :drool:

    And finally..I don't know who preston is and I've never seen the car before...but that is one of the ugliest cars ever. The box fenders are just too much. But hey..its fast apparently.
  2. What do you have against the wheel that started it all, the original American Racing Torq Thrust D? :shrug:
  3. my sleeper
  4. I'm assuming most weren't thinking of Mustang II's with this thread, but these 2 are nice.


    Year One '66, Kenne Bell supercharged '03 Cobra motor. 600 rwhp.

    My little '66
  5. I don't have anything against TTD's. It just looks to me like the wheels are too small and the color kind of offsets the paint. When I saw the picture first....i thought to myself..."the paint looks great...when are you getting new wheels?" But I am not saying it isn't a beautiful car...because it is. It is just my opinion that some fresh wheels will make it complete. Just my thoughts...sorry if they offended you.
  6. I love this thread...
  7. ummmm.....

  8. what kind of fiberglass freak is that, i hope they locked the creator up and who ever owns it better watch out for mobs with torches!


    this car in the pic is on e-bay right now well into the 30 grand price range. its one of the sweetest 65-66 cars i've ever seen, and i dont really like these years that much

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    his write up on the car............its long, sorry

    This car was originally built in the San Jose Calf. Ford plant, it was a 289 4 spd car 5 lug, Rangoon red over red. It came to Washington in 1988 and the I bought it in Dec 1999 from the 2nd owner and that is when the 4 year project began. The car was completely disassembled at Hot-wheels custom auto-body and stripped to bar metal and was virtually rust free, that is the reason why I choose this car over the 15 or so I looked at prior. I had all the sheet metal re fitted, the lines on the car are better then they were from the factory. The car was heavily primed and blocked to compliment the Black PPG Basecoat /clear-coat paint. The car’s fit and finish is mind blowing and it truly is lazer strait. The factory chrome bumpers were rechromed, all the trim was polished, new windshield, weather striping, rubbers, seals, felts, door handles , grill, SVT Emblems, Tri-bar headlights, Shelby bullet mirror (not pictured). The interior was completely replaced with new black standard OEM and it was done right. The headliner, seats, dash, rugs & sound deadener, door panels look very clean and correct inside. The rear seat was narrowed about 4 inch’s to make room for the massive 335/30/18 tires but you can not tell, it looks factory. The original radio is still in the dash and the Alpine roll face CD was installed in the glove box with 10 Alpine type R spks were placed throughout the cabin but not very noticeable. I tried to keep it clean as possible, the power is in the trunk, 2 flush mounted Alpine V-12 amps with over 1000 watts, an extra Optima battery and digital capacetor as well in the trunk, it sounds very clean, no rattles. I had the Sub box built around a set of golf clubs in the bag so you can get 1 complete set of clubs in the trunk. It has a Steeda short throw shifter with the original style 1965 5 spd indicator shift ball. Heater, wipers ,light’s ,horn all functional. Factory Temp gauge reads a little hot but I have had it scoped and it runs cool. Wheels are 18x11 and 18x7 American racing wheels custom built. I waited 10 months for the wheels to be built. Tires 335/30/18 rr 225/35/18 fr Michelin Pilot sports. We also used the Master power brake 4 wheel disk brake kit with larger front rotors. It stops great (manual). This car has been lowered 3 inchs and has a KB bump steer kit, KYB Shocks, 1 ¾ fr sway bar, 1 inch fr strut brace, reverse eye rear leafs, fr lowering springs and drop spindles. The front-end has been rebuilt, it drives very good at high speeds. Engine is a highly detailed 302 roller motor est H.P 375 it is very quick. The motor was built by Barnes Speed Shop (1,200 miles),it has a lot of polished aluminum including edelbrock heads, Be Cool radiator & overflow tank ,fuel pump, Holley carb, Valve covers, air cleaner, the engine bay is very clean. The transmission is a freshly rebuilt T-5 (5 spd) w/ heavy duty 2nd gear, Ford racing heavy duty clutch. Rear-end is an 8 inch ford , Dutchman axles, Auburn carrier& Posi unit and 3:90 gears. This car took 4 years to complete and over $60,000 to build. I was watching the costs closely and making good buys on all the parts. I built the car as my dream car, I never intended to sell it so some of the items and labor I have no receipts for because they were cash deals but I probably have over $40,000 for just the paint and parts receipts. Bid with confidence this is a story free car, it takes a great photo but it looks unreal in person, like a life size Hot-wheels car.

    Vehicle Condition

    This car’s condition is show quality, the paint is unbelivable. The body is amazingly strait. The paint in the door jams is nicer then most exterior paint jobs. It has had about 1,200 miles since a complete restoration everything was replaced or rebuilt. The under side is very clean the fuel cell, rear-end ,leaf-springs are all base/clear. When you look up under the back it looks awesome, all bracket mounts are nice, the floor has the factory style undercoating. It draws a crowd at every and show and everywhere it goes. It took first place Editors choice award at the Worlds Largest gathering of mustangs the NW mustang round-up (1,900 cars) and third place peoples choice ( I got there late! ) at the Can-Am Nationals. The car won the Jon Force Castrol oil award and third overall peoples choice. there was some outstanding competition there (1,100 cars). There will also be a full feature spread in the up and coming NOV/DEC 04 issue of Mustangs & Ford Magazine. This is a very nice no story car ,there are a few light scratches in the side and rear glass it’s factory I am the only one who notices, there is one rock chip on the lower rear valance which you have to get on your hands and knees to see it. I bought it, i built it, I know the car inside and out. I cant express enought how amazing this car looks and drives. I hate to sell it but, I have to so here's your chance to own a show winning magazine car at a fraction of the build cost. Good luck. YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!

  9. I hope thats at least got some 335's under those huge flares
  10. He wanted 245s in the rear...but didn't read the wheel chart first.
  11. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  12. You all rave over prestons and hate that one...sorry but they both look terrible to me...
  13. Preston's car I can respect, for the technical aspect of it, but I think the body LOOKS horrid. Functional, but horrid. I'm probably the only one, but I quite like the above red cobra/stang. I like the whole scoops and flares theme.
  14. yea preston's is fugly but it looks just like an imsa racer and is built just like and imsa. If i knew what the underpinnings of that red one were I might respect it more...
  15. well, the wheels are pushed out from the longitudinal axis of the car, right? that should give it more stability you would think...
    the rear flares remind me of a porsche...
  16. MrBobMarley, that is one nice looking fastback.

    Steve C.
  17. I love that hood on that red cobra!
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  19. Another version of the one listed above:

    A new convertible to add to the mix:

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  20. Look how deep those rear wheels are! :hail2:

    It's going for 38k now and the reserve has not been met!