Best Looking Mustang (non stock) Pics

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  1. i like how the cide scoop is silver and how it blends in the front fenders
  2. i was just wondering how the colors would look inverted
  3. That is smooooottthhhhhhh. I did not even notice that at first glance.

    Forget reversing it, I wonder how that would look on a 67 fastback.
  4. Check out this hard core machine..... =)

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  5. the way that side scoop is up top would look good on your hood on those two areas where your 'scoops' are...
  6. I hate to burst your bubble, but that vert is a photchop of the black fastback on the previos page. :bang:
  7. This just might be the best looking mustang with V45's, an 8.8 and hyperwhite head lights :D

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  8. -He cleaned up the front end as much as possible, and the rear quarters were slightly flaired, that might be why the picture looks off. The wheels are 15x7 front and 15x10 rear. But i've seen this thing in person and have video of it, it's a bad ass ride. The color scheme continues into the engine compartment as well. Wish I could have bought it off him. FYI: If i'm not mistaken, right next door to WCCM, was the body shop he had the fastback massaged @, by no less than Joey Badafuco. :rolleyes:
    Hey you guys, does anyone ever keep in touch with Jerry here anymore? He was my first mechanic and I loved his way with his cars. Unfortunately he had some problems and had to drop his shop. Like i said, anyone talk to him anymore?

    -Guess I'm biased on this one :flag:
  9. squint really hard and invision: sonic blue or silver w/ gold flake paint, slammed, 17" TT2's, everything shaved, supercharged 5.0, 5-spd, and a trick black interior with alot of custom work
  10. does anyone have anymore info on this thing? that dash is sweet and i have been considering doing something like it in my car.

  11. Your car is amazing! I love the wheels.
  12. Anyone remember these cars?

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  13. Wasn't that 68stangman? Not sure that was his name, but he was one of the first to have bullitts on this board. I've had that pic saved since 2002.
  14. You are correct. I saved every picture I could of those cars.
  15. dammit! that was MY idea!!! for ages, I've wanted to paint that depression with a white or silver [once the rest of the car was painted]. then I realized that on a '67 the crease doesn't go all the way to the front, so I'd have to fade it out EXACTLY LIKE THIS PICTURE. I am at least comforted by the fact that this is only the second car I've ever seen with this paint job and it's a photochop.

    beautiful cars! I don't have my M&F magazines nearby, but does anyone remember back in like 2000 or so, August I believe, there was a '67 coupe built by Rick Titus in tribute to his late father Jerry Titus. the car was yellow with blue hood and wide stribe down the roof/trunk. one of the meanest & cleanest. this is the car that started a lot of gears turning in my head. if anyone has pics, please post!!!
  16. When I saw this thread I was gonna post some picts of this car too. I love this 68.
  17. Racecar1.jpg

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  18. DSCF0033.JPG


    Just bursting my own bubble I guess :)

    He works for Scott Drake! Talk to him all the time!!!

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  19. TheEvII, you gotta post pics of your II if you haven't already. Guys, he has one of THE best looking mustangII's I've seen around. :nice: