Best Looking Mustang (non stock) Pics

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  1. Man that's nice gamble, is that primer or the actual paint because I like that colour. I like the shaved look and I admire your guts in trying some different wheels. Not my cup of tea really but still interesting. Nice stance too! :nice:

  2. lol, its actually just primer. The store sent us white instead of grey and since the car is going to be yellow we dropped a bit of yellow in there just so it wasnt white. And its actually on temporary just so we dont have exposed metal. As for the wheels those arent staying either, they are temp wheels that came off something else that just happen to fit. The car will probably get some 18's.
  3. Anyone remember that orange '67 fastback with the checkered GT stripes in the Vintage Air ads? License plate was GR8PMKN. I can't find pics on the net at all.
  4. Yeh I thought it was primer. Oh well, it'll probably look even better when finished anyway. Are you still going for a different design for your wheels or the more classic torque thrusts, etc?
  5. TheEvII, you gotta post pics of your II if you haven't already. Guys, he has one of THE best looking mustangII's I've seen around.

    Thanks MrBobMarley, Mon!!!!

    I'm actually getting started on a 68 fastback right now.



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  6. GREAT GOOOGLEY MOOOOGLEY! thats clean. wicked paint! Wow
  7. That is a very nice MII
  8. here's mine- work in progress

    17'x7's and 17's x 11's BOYDS, cut off the drip rails, c/s deck lid, 3 1/2" cowl, removed back up lights, shelby front apron, front slotted disc brakes, rear disc brakes, roller 306 w/ alum heads and cam, AOD tranny, 2500 stall, currie 9" rear 31 spline, 4.11 gears, summits new racing seats, hurst z-gate shifter, summit long tubes, summit x pipe, MAC muffs.... auto meter gauges waiting to be installed...etc
  9. TheEvII, anytime mon. Must give props to the badass II's.

    Could you explain to me how you got those 11's back there :shrug: Looks badass too.
  10. Ok, I've watched this thread for a couple months now... Here's my car doing what we love best!



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  11. custom rear end sizeand i think 5 1/2" of backspacing :rlaugh:
  12. Im not sure but I am not going with tt's. I may go with a five spoke but if I do it will probably be Boyds timeless, or these [​IMG] simply to be different but after I get the body done and it sitting right Ill photoshop some different choices on there to see what works and what doesnt.
  13. Nice II!

    one2gamble, I like the wheel you have pictured, but my favourite is this [​IMG]

    Centerline Daggers. mmmm
  14. i personally like this shot of your car.....


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  15. fawk I wanna get a classic!
  16. dang, that same car was posted back on page 4, post #88 it was being sold on ebay back in August...
  17. Whoops. I guess I must have missed it earlier in this thread.
  18. well i just meant i guess it's being re-listed :D :p wonder why...

    it sure is sweet tho :nice: