Best Looking Mustang (non stock) Pics

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  1. judging by some of those pictures, i wouldn't doubt that it was in a magazine. as to which one. lol i don't know. :p gosh i love that deep dish on the rear wheels
  2. yeah, the deep dish rear wheels are soooooo freaking sweet, i wonder how he got that size wheel in the back :shrug: i dont think its tubbed, maybe a mini tub?
  3. narrowed rear, stretched wheel wells, mini-tubs.

    M&F Dec 2004 pg 22 :D I thought that car looked familiar! what I love most about it is that it's all black/silver. it's like the whole car was built out of a B&W photograph. the only color on it is the turn signals and brake lights. so clean and so smooth. not a fan of that hood on the 65/66 cars, though. a plain hood would have been way cleaner. still, fawking awesome.
  4. Not the best, but its fun.

  5. Dad's 67 GT is cool :D
    Original 390 4-speed car
    wheels are not stock :p
  6. On page 1 , slackr posted a pic of a 69 Fastback. Can anyone identify the wheels?? Thanks

  7. Sorry But I dislike it.

  8. Engine bay ++++
    Car +

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  10. Cool !!! Thanks
  11. More...

    And 70_Nitrous_Eater's car:
  12. Please tell me how I can access pics which come up as a little red X in the thread? I'm missing out on seeing these cool Stangs.....

    Tks Marshall
  13. I'm partial to this one!!


    See More of My Coupe

    Best Looking!! Kinda like a woman it's not always about looks!!
  14. And even for those gals who are drop dead gorgeous, we all have to keep in mind the old expression: "behind every beautiful woman is some guy who is just sick of her $hit." I think that this expression also might apply to one or more cars I have seen.

    I was looking at your project and would like to tip my hat to you. That is a lot of work and it all looks good. One thing I noticed is that the engine is out for rebuild in the 400hp range yet you have an 8 inch rear end. From what I have read here, you might want to upgrade that. The experience of guys here with 8 inchers suggests that you might have some issues with it considering all those happies you will be running through it.
  15. The one next to it is nice, too...