Best Looking Stangs By Color!

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  1. ********Everyone please VOTE**********

    Alright I am kind of bored so I thought of this. Everyone post there favorite stangnet members car by the color. I will put a link below for new member that doesnt know what everyone car looks like. I know some of the pictures have been taken down but it will still help them. When posting don't include your color. Unless you like someone else color better than yours. When the thread starts to die down, I will count the favorites and post the winners.

    Here are the categories of colors.

    Laser Red
    Forest Green
    Rio Red
    Vibrant Red
    Iris Metallic
    Aftermarket (like JRs etc.)

    Members Cars
    I guess I didnt make it that clear. Post your favorite members looks by their color. My favorites

    Yellow = KillerCanary
    Vibrant Red = OinkAodeOink
    Blue = Stangfreak95 and eades5.0
    White = Killer95Stang
    Black = SN95StangMan and Nik_95Cobra
    opal frost = h0oligan
    Forest Green = Can't say bc I am baised
    Muilt Color = GreenMustangGt
    Rio Red = 1105
    Teal = 1hot5.0

    EDIT everyone started to post pics so I guess I will to.

    Heres mine Forest Green
  2. BLACK
    Vib. Red
    Rio Red
    Lazer Red
    Forest Green
    Iris Met.
  3. Funny you put JRs as the example for Aftermarket. :lol: I agree... :nice:
  4. Laser Red: low 5.0
    Black: NIK,
    Forest Green: superdust
    Rio Red: 1105
    Yellow: Killer
    Vibrant Red: OINK
    Iris Metallic
    Aftermarket (like JRs etc.): onebad
  5. Off the top of my head:

    KillerCanary = yellow
    SN95StangMan = Black
    OinkAodeOink = Vibrant Red
  6. Darker colors are harder to keep clean, but look the best. I have a forest green and i love it, it changes in the light. Everyone loves black, and red. Yellow is another one of my favorites.
  7. i vote for mine, all Four colors, Black, Green, White, Yellow. That way i get all the best colors
  8. WHat about SAPPHIRE BLUE ?? Not good enough to be in the list ? :rolleyes:


  9. BLack!! ... MINE!

    ok ok :(

  10. no, your selling your car.
  11. White- I don't remember the name of the 2 useres that had purdy white cars. One had dark grey bullit rims with cobra hood while the other one had welds on with black shinoda stickers.
    OinkAodeOink = Vibrant Red
  12. Stangfreak95 I didnt want to get to specific with colors. That would be too hard. Did you read my first post. Your my favorite blue.

  13. I didnt see you had that part in your first post. Sorry :D And thanks man :nice:
  14. Laser Red - RC
    Black - ?
    Forest Green - ?
    White - nobody
    Rio Red - me or Andy
    Teal - ?
    Blue - stang freak
    Yellow - YEAHLOH95
    Vibrant Red - mike (oink)
    Iris Metallic - what the hell? lol
    Aftermarket (like JRs etc.) - JR
  15. What about opal frost? My vote goes to myself:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Vibrant red: Oink
    Black: 17yroldstanger (reppin' the hood)
    blue: eades
  16. eades/stangfreak, 1105 and something i haven't seen yet- Stangfreak95 with white stripes (maybe a viper look but i like it)
  17. As of now, Andy's got my favorite car. I also liked the fact that he's a DIY'er. Who do you know that can paint their car and have it look as sweet as his?

  18. Opal frost, #1. Hooligan your car is rediculous, I want it. black, rio red, saphire blue, white, vib. red, yellow
  19. :( :( :(

    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Actually, I dont like to single out peop's cars when I like all you guys, but it IS HARD to argue with Oink, Killer, and JR, for Vibrant, Yellow, and After market.

  20. I painted my car too :D And it was Andy's son who sprayed the paint :p Andy did the prep work though which is what counts the most when getting a nice paint job.