Best Looking Stangs By Color!

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by SuperDust22, Sep 20, 2004.

  1. What is mine? Forest Green?

  2. Man...some good looking rides in here :)
  3. Eades I forgot about your car. I jsut added you to my list. I want to see that thing sometime.

    Also lets see some more votes.

  4. yeah i would say eades before mine in a sec
  5. I knew I should have put my new pics up :) not like it will help
  6. I gotta represent for the Teals...


  7. Hey vote guys, if you are going to post a pics you must vote.

    BTW nice looking cars guys.

  8. I many nice pics to choose....all colors are representing.... :nice:

    nmcgrawj...Did you take those Mach1s off just recently??? Damn that thing looks that sinister look to it...not many, in my opinion look good without the spoiler removed...yours does look tough tho...
  9. no one likes the redfire huh? i think its a nice mix of a darker color and red, if that makes any sense at all. :shrug:


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  10. i love redfire, its the color of my dad's 03 Cobra
  11. Who let all these new edge modular guys join the party? :stick: :jester:
    That redfire looks good. :nice: And the roush is sexy as hell. :drool:
    I'm gonna add 1Bad89Coupe for forest green. :nice:

    Were we supposed to post of a pic of our cars?
  12. Don't think so but I can't help but whore mine out. Wow, yours looks good, way to represent our color cars. :nice:
  13. Hey. Whats with the discrimination? :p Edit: :doh:

    Black= S/CBlack95GT
    Rio Red= Rio 5.0
    Laser Red= LaserRedRC
    Vibrant Red = OinkAodeOink
    White= Big Jay
    Yellow= Yeahloh95
    Green= 1Bad89Coupe
    Light Blue= eades5.0
    Dark Blue= Stangfreak95
    Opal Frost=HOoligan

    I have to say that in every color, there is someone in a verrrrry close second, and its hard to decide on just one car per color. :nice: :nice:
  14. I guess we should post pics of our cars then.


  15. 17yroldstanger for president!
  16. I will lower taxes and put Mustang owners in jail for putting on absurd aluminum wings and painting them purple and pink and putting front seats in the back. God Bless America :flag:
  17. :lol: I dont know if you know him, but "nobody" is a member on the forum. I'm pretty sure that was his user name. Drove a white cobra with dark blue stripes.
  18. deep forest green, mine :D