Best Looking Stangs By Color!

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  1. Jr I'm sure you can lock up best of several colors. I dunno which is more spunkable the car or the girl.
  2. The girl while on the car :D
  3. [​IMG]

    Vibrant Red...... I know I know Oinks is better :hail2:

  4. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    BTW: I hate you

    PS: How can I get her on my hood?
  5. You got enough votes.


    Hey...DAD's car would look :nice: with some chrome tribars.!!!


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  6. Here's another pic-whoring entry to compete with the other Rio-Red guys. I hope to be on someone's list at some point. :D

    My list:

    Yellow - KillerCanary
    Vibrant Red - OinkAodeOink
    Blue - ?
    White - low5-0's dad!
    Black - Nik_95Cobra (DEEP DISH!!)
    Opal Frost - ho0ligan
    Forest Green - urban96
    Rio Red = 1105
    Laser Red = low5-0 (again...DEEP DISH!)
  7. Now that I look at it, I think mine should be in the Rio Orange category. :rlaugh:
  8. Well I'll just whore a few Rio's in too.. :D









    This is July of this year....fresh outta paint


    2 Months before that.... :bang: The start.... :D

  9. Geez lost of whores in these here parts.
  10. and i be one of them
  11. I like the teal also

    my teal mustang.

  12. I like the S-281 wing on your car Rio.

    Anyone else in agreement with me?
  13. Here is mine....


  14. Thanks for the vote man! :nice: Im glad you like my dad's car, but there's a lot of nicer white stangs on here. It does look good tho for being mostly stock, but the hood is busted. That'll be fixed sometime soon.

    I knew that was coming! :rlaugh: I tried to talk him into it but he didn't really seem interested. But he kinda likes the tribars now so mabey I can talk him into some chrome ones. :D

    BTW, sorry 1105 but Im changing my rio red vote to RIO5.0. :hail2:

  15. Damn Rio your car is sick!! IMO that is the best look for an SN95. Cobra bumper Cobra R hood and an S281 tail! :nice:
  17. black - blueovalstanggt & SN95StangMan
    red - 94GTLaserRC
  18. AutobahnStang I really like your car it's good to see a stang with non ford rims every now and again.
  19. Thanks EpiK

    Wytstang...I agree with you on AUtobahn's car....Looks good with the rims.

    Some nice pics on here guys!