Best Looking Stangs By Color!

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  1. Crystal White!!! or Opal Frost a close second.
  2. 1. Black
    2. Lazer red (color has so much dimension its cool)
    3. Yellow with black interior
  3. if 4.6s count then for black I HAVE to save jsmiley's ..seeing it in person ...mmmm black..
  4. yellow - killercanary (paul)
    Black - nmcgrawj

    havin a hard time remembering peoples user names....

    anyway I vote myself for Rio Red....

  5. You said not to vote for your own...... but my color is not on there. I bought my car because of the color for the most part. If I had to vote.... I vote HOOLIGAN!!! His car is [email protected]$$! Opal Frost is a rare color that pics cannot do justice. It looks different in person..... I don't see how it could be left out. Second choice would be black. I like Nik's car........
  6. haha I didn't see that we couldn't vote for ourselves...

    and I guess my choice on black is a draw between nmcgrawj and nik_95cobra's cars, they are badass for different reasons :nice:
  7. I like all the cars I have seen. Just shows everyone is a little different. Glad to see all the pics. I still gotta vote for the Rio Red color. Love it......

    These aren't the best res pics in the world, but here is my 94 Cobra>>>


  8. here's mine
  9. Here is something different

    here is my baby

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  10. How About Purple and white? :D

    It started life as forest green
  11. beware: pic whore
    forest green. just got my new top too :)





    old top, old everything


    sorry but my camera is only 2.3 megapixels

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  12. Here is a lot of the stang pictures.

    Everyone add theirs! I will make it organize by color in a little bit. Provide a direct link to your picture and I will organize by color as soon as I can. In fact, I'm going to make the entire pictures thing organized by color, year, model, etc etc.

  13. One more for the Teal vote...

  14. Just a reminder! (LOL it's really 4:15 AM and I'm waaay too bored.) Soon to come is an ABC front lip and Saleen Side Skirts, and smoked fogs.

  15. This is tech?
  16. Riffy, where you been?

  17. This thread was started WAY BEFORE they broke up the 94/95 section into tech/talk...I guess it was revived.

  18. Yeah weird...this morning this thread was at the top of the tech section...But now I see the most before mine was 4/17...Weird!!!!
  19. My vote is for Teal

    My vote is for Teal

  20. holy old thread