best lower control arms?

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  1. Hey guys, I am looking to replace my stock control arms in search of traction coupled with my soon to be installed nitto drag radials, which lower arms are the best to go with, not looking for all out drag but something that will hook good and still be streetable, thanks in advance.
  2. I have had my LAKEWOOD lower control arms for 2 1/2 years now. They are the best thing i have ever done to my rearend. No "slotching" side to side. I use BFG dragradials. They really tightened up the rear. They are not aluminum but they are light. They have poly bushings. Dont get solid bushings for the street. I only paid 100 for them brand new. They are easy to install. They do not flex AT ALL. Car hooks so much better now.
  3. so they are a bolt on arm you dont need to weld?
  4. Check out X2C, I got the boxer st's (street) for 149.99, upper and lower (w/Energy bushings). They make a drag set as well, powder coated steel with excellent welds.

  5. correct.
  6. I run MAC uppers and Lowers and love them, cheap to.
  7. Hey did you notice a big difference with the ST's? I was going to order them but I keep telling myself you get what you pay. But then again they have to be way better than stock, right? Thanks

    I've heard the R's will be able to compete with MM and Griggs.
  8. Lowers

    The D&D and X2C arms are better than stock but will not perform like an HP motorsports Megabite Jr or Lakewood lower. The HP motorsports and Lakewood arms are very similar. I use the Lakewoods and like them.
  9. Maximum Motorsports lowers are the best in my book

  10. I have heard so many things about each control arm. I would assume that pretty much any aftermarket control arm is going to be better than the stock ones. BBK< Lakewood, MAC, Maxim Motorsport willl do wonders vs. stock.
    UPR makes a few different versions as well.

    Has anyone heard anything about JDs? they are 189 to your door for uppers and lowers.
  11. THis is the setup I went with. I went with the pro3i lowers. They are nearly identical to the maximum motorsports units, but much cheaper. They hook like crazy!!! Love them. Also shown is the cobra uppers I bought from ford, they are the same as the frpp uppers, but cheaper.

    A lot of control arms such a mac are good, but they have polyeurothane on both ends, you don't want that, it will screw up your torque boxes eventually. A good spherical bushing at the axle end, non-poly is what you want, such as these, or maximum motorsports. Poly at both ends will also cause some binding, and your cornering won't be optimized.

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  12. I had the Pro3i on my 99. Now I have both upper and lower Pro3i for my 88 but haven't put them on yet.
  13. I went with Maximum Motorsports lowers and FMS uppers and they work great :) They control the rear axle, hook much better and cornering is way better. The only downside is a little more road noise from the rearend, but not bad compared to the performance boost.

    Good Luck, Don
  14. WOW... Im surprised no one else has suggested Southside...

    I run southside lowers, and PSP uppers...

    you can't beat southsides for traction...
  15. :banana: well first off this is a goofy thread.. WHAT IS BEST.. well best would be griggs racing hands down..

  16. Soutside went out of buissness.I would love to find some though.SSM lowers rule.
  17. I've been running the MAC adjustable uppers for a while. I hated the lowers, the bushing didn't last long. I switched to a set of Lakewood Traction Action bars. I love them!! They even have adjustment for center of gravity of the rear end. You can make them give or take traction!! Something to consider anyway.

    Pretty much any aftermarket arms out there are better than stock, so its a matter of personal preference after hearing all the opinions. I'm happy with what I got, I know there are better, and worse of course.
  18. I am leaning towards Maximum Motorsports as I have heard nothing but good things about them and the quality of their parts. Though they are quite expensive, so I'm open to other suggestions as well. One question I have is do I need to get adjustable ones or can I just get the regular ones? There is a bit of a price difference on them. Thanks.
  19. I just installed an 8.8 rear in my 79 stang c/w 3:73's and BBK uppers and lowers. Got axle hop so I installed the stock quad shocks.... hop still there. Anyone have axle hop problems with aftermarket arms or ideas?

  20. ill probably be going with the megabytes...but
    has anyone used the granatelli motorsports upper and lowers on here, besides BADPONYSC? i know he says they work great especially for under 200 for both upper and lower.

    and for drag racing do u guys still get the uppers replaced? or u usually get a cheaper set since they arent needed as much as lowers?