Mach 1 Best mach mods for the money. . . .no power adders

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  1. I have 04 mach 1 and I'm needing some help with ideas for performance mods for it. I put the Eiebach sportlines and a set wheels with some Nitto DR's. And the only permance mod is set of Magnaflow magna packs, still running factory H pipe and cats. I could use a few new ideas on what to do next and and what would really wake the car up besides power adders. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
  2. welcome to stangnet nate dogg!

    i know the 94/95 guys in the 5.0 forums are super helpful and im sure these mach guys are the same. the mach is fast but faster is always better :D
  3. Check out tons of ideas there also.
  4. The reality of the situation is that Ford did such a good job on the Mach 1, that it is very difficult to just add a few bolt-ons and get major performance gains! If you think about it, the Mach 1 is the epitome of the n/a Cobra line, minus the IRS and 6-speed.

    SVT had to add a blower to take the Cobra to the next level, so you can kind of see that without a power adder, you really aren't going to be able to accomplish much without spending big bucks on ported intakes and heads and cams and such.

    Other than that, your pretty much limited to things like long tube headers, catless midpipes, rear end gears, etc., and that will all get you about 30whp.
  5. true, ford did do a good job. even so, with bolt ons and such netting 30whp or so, it still should be a fun car.

    what does a bone stock 04 mach put down? 250 or so?
    280whp and a steep gear should be a fun ride. these mod motors love the gear, right? me wanting one :)
  6. Maybe you didn't look closely at my sig. A bone stock Mach 1 5-speed will dyno anywhere from 275 up to close to 300rwhp. Even the automatics are good for 255-270 rwhp. A good all around gear is a 4.10 for a n/a Mach 1. With a power adder, you're better off keeping the stock 3.55 or possibly a 3.90, if you can find them.
  7. wow. didnt know they made that much power. i was at the nmra's last year and watched a stock 5 speed mach put down 260 something, and that was on a dynojet
  8. I had thought of doing a gear already but I didn't want to go 4.10 due to someday I will ad a power adder of some kind. I was thinking 3.73 but i really like the idea of 3.90. Who makes a good set of 3.90's? And as for the stock rwhp on Mach's I'm going to DELK soon and I will be sure to post the numbers.
  9. I had thought of doing nitrous as well how does your car handle the shot and what are you using to retard your timing.
  10. Sounds like that car was in need of a tune or something, because that is really low for a 5-spd Mach 1 on a dynojet. That's more in line with an automatic tranny Mach 1.
  11. I've found that 3.90 gears are really hard to find! I don't think Ford Racing even offers them, so you would have to look to somebody like Motive or Richmond to get a set.

    I still have the stock 3.55's in my car. They work just fine with the nitrous setup, but if I was to kick it up a notch, I'd probably go with 3.90's. I don't think 3.73's would be worth the price of installation, as far as any performance difference over the stock gears.
  12. I've had the Nitrous Express wet kit on my car for over 3 years now, and never had a problem with it. I started out at a 75 shot, and then 100, and finally the 125 shot.

    I use a custom Predator tune loaded into a Diablosport flip chip, so I can switch back and forth between the stock tune and the nitrous tune on the fly. I think I'm only pulling about -4 degrees on the nitrous, and she hits harder than Barry Bonds on a low slider!!
  13. A good and fairly cheap way to start is an offroad midpipe. Just put my x pipe on a few weeks ago and i must say that it does add some more bark in the upper range of the power band. Sounds good as well.
  14. Thanks for the tip...I got a magnaflow catless h pipe on the way I still need o2 eliminaters.
  15. dont fear the gear! 4.10, 4.30, 4.56 MANY guys running these. I am going with the 4.30's as its not a DD. the best bang for the buck is the PHP intake spacer IMHO. as well as a cat back, mid pipe, CAI, elec W/P LT,s. and a good tune. these cars have a lean spot in the high end that should be looked after. I have all the bolt ons minus the LT's and water pump and my car is pretty fun it made 300/330 on a mustang dyno and I only have 10k miles on it. another thing you MUST buy is a good shifter. I have a tri ax and love it. I just put pics of my car up in the mach pic thread.
  16. Pro 5.0 now offers a set of 3.90's for the 8.8 rears, they are on their web sight for $199.00.
  17. i have an 03 mach I dynoed bone stock made 287. with a K&N FIPK and JBA catback system i dynoed 310. pretty significant increase, i recently put on a JBA high flow h-pipe to match up to the catback and am thinkin about doing a set of JBA ceramic coated headers aswell. IF you looking for bolt ons and no forced induction i would go that route, intake exhasut, plasma booster, a good solid tune and 4.10's that will make that pony dance i garantee it then if not add a 100 shot of wet nitrous running a colder set of plugs and again make sure to re-tune
  18. excellent numbers. was that from a dynojet or mustang dyno?