Best magazine for the S197?

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  1. Going forward, what magazine do you think will be the best for S197 owners/enthusiasts? I'd be interested in one with as much tech as possible specific to the new car. It will probably take me a couple years to actually buy the car, but I'd like to start working on the tech library now.
  2. Ironically...probably 5.0 Mustang.
  3. Better than MM & FFs? I've never really looked at any of these. Maybe it will get it's own magazine.
  4. MM & FF is kind of fluffy.
    IMO their tech stuff is not as well done or well documented as 5.0's stuff and their features suck balls compared to 5.0. At the end of any feature in 5.0 it gives a detailed break down on what's been modded on the car,who made the mod, and in the articles they usually give performance numbers while MM & FF usually doesn't.
    I used to buy just MM &FF then I started to buy both. Now more often than not...I just pick up 5.0 unless MM &FF has tech segment on an L or something else unique.
  5. I take all of them. Each has good months and bad months.
    5.0SF (5.0 Mustang and Super Ford merged a couple of years ago)
    M&F (Mustangs and Fords--mostly older iron)

    MM&FF had the best article on the new S197 (5.0&SF had awful coverage).

    Would the market support a new rag for the new '05? :shrug: But, I'd buy it.
  6. I think so but it might take a little while to get going. I think there will be a large number of people getting into the new Mustangs who would have only a passing interest in the older cars.
  7. MM&FF or 5.0 magazine. They have always been the 2 best late model mustang magazines