best mods for a V-6

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the best hp mods for a v-6

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  1. exaust headers

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  2. intake pleniums

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  3. x-pipe

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  4. h-pipe

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  5. true dual exaust

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  6. :shrug:

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  1. whats the best mods for a v-6 mustang, we need some thing b/c import v-6 SEDANS are whopin up on us stock for stock.

    so after some chassis stiffining what works best?? any ideas on what the best exaust is? 2" dia. or 2.25"? maybe 2.5"??
  2. go with 2.25" true duals or if you plan on a power adder(blower,juice,turbo) then get a little bigger 2.5"+.
  3. Best "quick" mods I believe would be chassis stiffening, shocks struts and springs, rear gears/diff, short-throw shifter for manual, bigger wheels/tires....
    Don't forget about brakes - they're at least as important as anything else, and take very little effort and only slightly more money to upgrade the rotors and pads.

    After that, you can work on the engine and/or forced induction.
  4. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa! No! Trust me your brakes are fine. Shocks/struts/springs will really only help you at highway speeds and can throw off the weight transfer of the car. Get a 2.25" exhaust and some 4.10 gears/tlok if u have auto or 3.73s/tlok if you have manual. That will get u close to a v6 accord 0-60 or better depending on ur model mustang.
  5. Get dual exhaust first. It will free up the most horsepower and allow other mods to work better. It will also make the car sound better. :nice:
  6. I've seen people on here using some special air filter (K&N i think). What good does that do? And what size wheels run best? :shrug:
  7. 17x8 wheels. K & N allows more air to flow into ur engine.
  8. Downsides of the filter?
  9. none
  10. it is only a plus. like he said...none.
  11. what about sloted cross drilled rotars(sp.) for looks behind some bling bling wheels. will they help the pads or help stop the car any more or less?
  12. They supposedly help to reduce brake fade by dissipating heat more efficiently. I have drove the heck out of those brakes, though, and not notiiced any fade even on the hottest of days. And this is after 30,000 miles. The brakes we have are fine, any upgrades are either for track use or cosmetic effect, IMHO.
  13. Get true duals and don't go with anything less than 2.5 inch. No more though. 2.25 is too small, why do you think that all the GT guys go up to 2.5 and Cobra goes to 3"?
  14. Would it not have been easier to just simply say 2.5"?? :nice: :p
  15. ok ill bite, why?
  16. Price? Is that not a downside? Or money well spent :D
  17. :shrug: how much do they cost?
  18. 35-50 bucks
  19. :eek: wow i thought they would be 20 dollars or there a bouts. Is k&n the one u can clean? that might justify the cost. I know my K&N on the atv is "cleanable" (shot of compresed air throu it bacwards) is the car version the same?