best mods for a V-6

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the best hp mods for a v-6

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  1. exaust headers

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  2. intake pleniums

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  3. x-pipe

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  4. h-pipe

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  5. true dual exaust

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  6. :shrug:

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  1. Yes k&n's are rechargeable...(cleanable). Yes the car version is too
  2. No prob!
  3. here is a list for you

    Stage 1
    DUAL Exhaust system (2.25" for most good NA builds, 2.5" for higher boost SC)

    CAI or Ram Air

    Underdrive Pulleys

    GEARS: 3.45 or 3.73 (5 spd) 3.73 or 4.10 (auto) or higher :)

    Shifter or shift kit (5-spd or auto)

    Stage 2.

    Torque converter (auto)

    Drag suspension (racing only)

    Throttle body

    MAF Sensor

    Stage 3.

    PP intakes

    Head work


    pushrods, springs
    (I know of not a single case anyone needed to
    replace their roller lifters yet)

    *Ignition system and plug wires*

    needed at or after this point.

    190/255 lph fuel pump

    Bigger Injectors

    Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


    Stage 4

    forged internals

    crank (stroker or forged)




    * upgraded only if forced induction or N2O
    is in the future plans. Or major NA HP, over 300 or so.
  4. Because they have two more cylinders then we do, that's why.

    And on another note, getting big wheels will hurt you unless you have a decent amount of hp (which without a power adder or stroker kit, we don't). The main purpose of wider wheels/tires is for traction. It's true that you will be able to launch harder with wider tires but you lose accelerating power due to the larger size of the wheels/tires. I think they call it rolling mass or something. I know several people who have gotten larger wheels and they all told me the change was noticeable.
  5. Im pretty sure that was a rhetorical question you answered there. And yes, its called rolling mass. You have to weigh the benefits of traction/vs rolling mass to know whether or not your getting more by each width of tire. Also rim size/weight makes a difference. Even if the tire/rim are the total height as before, the rim still will weigh more and create a larger rolling mass.
  6. rotational inertia :banghead:
  7. Same thing but u messed up the smiley :nonono:
  8. I have never heard it called "rolling mass" i have only heard it called rotational inertia. but as long as were all on the same page.... its good wit me!
  9. Exactly!
  10. yay! the 4.6l forum guys need to take a lesson from this! people can disagree w/o taking it to "lets step out side":banana:
  11. I dont u long as we both are talking about the same thing, it doesnt matter what i call it...(even if it may be right or wrong)
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