best mods for a V-6

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the best hp mods for a v-6

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  1. exaust headers

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  2. intake pleniums

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  3. x-pipe

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  4. h-pipe

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  5. true dual exaust

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  6. :shrug:

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  1. where?
  2. well today im gona show up at the recruiters office for basic training.:banana: at bout' noon is when im suppost to be there, so ill show up at about 11 or maybe 10:30.
  3. I hope that it works well for you. :flag:
  4. Thanks for mentioning that bit about the wheels. I didn't even think of that! I thought that the bigger/wider wheels would just give worse gas mileage. Guess I was wrong. :D
  5. V6 Dood how sells a good MAF for a 98 v6?

  6. Um..u want to rewrite that statement in engilsh? He's in yoda talk mode?

  7. hahahah :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    (Not laughing at you, just with you :nice: )
  8. Lol thanks for clarifying...

  9. dude the reason why you have a noticeable decrease4 in acceleration is that the bigger wheels change your final gear ratio.
  10. WTF?????????? change the final gear ratio???? WTF you smoking?

    Bigger wheels don't change it....if you change the tires and wheels to some outrageously different setup from stock.....there could be some variation, but it's not gonna change your acceleration in any way
  11. i tink that a super charger will shut up the import guys... not bigger wheels, btw i saw a mustang with like 16" spinners on it teh other day! abahahahahahahah!
  12. yeah but if you have a supercharger, you're going to need bigger wheels. :D
  13. For the best overall in balance, performance, acceleration, and handling for the buck imo see my signature below. :nice:
  14. 100hp

    See this months 5.0 mustangs and fast fords mag it has the best HP tips, you will love this article.
  15. Rolling Resistance is the term. :notnice:

    I still chirp my tires even with 17 x 10.5" in the rear. :nice:

    ...& unless ur running w/squeeze, a S/Charger, Turbo, or a built 3.8 Stroker motor, stay with duals and run 2.25" pipes. Larger than that (2.5" and up) kills your torque and HP. I know I learned my lesson. :D

  16. Thanks for the invite into the pissing contest but it's known as a number of things, all of which refer to the same phenomenon. :rolleyes: