best mods for the v6 mustang 06

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  1. hey i just got a 2006 v6 mustang and i want it to be a sleeper so people think ohh its a v6 i can take him...what are the best mods to put on it and that are less expensive....also about the X-pypes are they good or would it be alot of backpressure and how much hp do you gain?
  2. I also own a V6 Mustang, the top four mods to get the most horses out of it for the cheapest price are, Cold Air Intake, Exhaust, a new tune for your computer, and a power adder (whether you like Turbo or Supercharger either one).
  3. I would also suggest a gear change ratio. Won't add power but can acclerate faster pending which one's you put in. I'm not sure what the V6 stock ratio is, 3.56?

    Anybody know off top of head?

    Yes, a charger or turbo will add a lot of power but it also costs a lotta dollars as well. :-(
  4. The V6 comes stock with 3.31 gears I think, I haven't gotten around to the gearing yet I'm actually still working on the first four that I was talking about and then moving from there to suspension and brakes, then big money with be when either swap the trans or gut it.
  5. yea i was going to get bbk intake, and bbk shortys headers with an xpipe maybe that will boost it up a little... but yea all i need is around 6 grand for the supercharger but for now im just gonna take it slow...
  6. My plans first off are a Borla axelback single exhaust system (single because I think dualing out a 6 makes it sound raspy), then I'm getting a Steeda High Velocity Cold Air intake, I'll be using the SCT X-Calibrator tune system to give it a tune, and I'm deciding to be different and go with a turbo instead of a supercharger, I plan on running about 5 psi at lower RPM, plus I really don't like the sound of the chargers as much as a blowoff valve from a turbo.
  7. The one needed foundation for all of these mods is a locking differential.

    without it you're just spinning your wheels ................